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Tamara L. Siuda - Curiosities · 2W ago

100 Gods of Egypt Kickstarter live!

This afternoon, my latest project for Kickstarter went live: a Make 100 series project called “100 Gods of Egypt.” You can check it out for yourself here!
Tamara L. Siuda - Curiosities · 1M ago

(Winter of?) Discontent

I am not content. I look at this blog and I want to update it. I want to update the website, too. I want to get new photographs and collect more information to put here and post more often a...
Tamara L. Siuda - Curiosities · 1M ago

Rainy Day Thinking

It’s pouring rain. I missed this sound this summer more than I realized, if my reaction is any indication. The scent of wet leaves and earth, the sound of the runoff from the roof and the pa...
Tamara L. Siuda - Curiosities · 6M ago


For most, July is the “middle” of the year, when things slow down and get lazy, the heat of the summer (or the cold of the winter, if you’re in the other hemisphere) starts getting to you, a...
Tamara L. Siuda - Curiosities · 7M ago

Patrons wanted – help grow my work!

With the advice and help of some friends, I am now listed on Patreon as a content creator. If you’re unfamiliar, Patreon is sort of the digital equivalent of the fan clubs people my age and ...
Tamara L. Siuda - Curiosities · 8M ago

Opening doors

Zigzag is complaining at me again. He’s frustrated that I seem to spend so much of my time sitting in front of the bright box on the desk, and not enough time petting him or playing with him...
Tamara L. Siuda - Curiosities · 10M ago

Six more days for the Daybook Planner!

We’re still raising funds to meet two stretch goals for The Ancient Egyptian Daybook Perpetual Planner campaign on Kickstarter. Kicktraq is providing a quick link to how we’re doing – so far...
Tamara L. Siuda - Curiosities · 10M ago

Just shy of 75%…Ancient Egyptian Daybook Planner go!

Today we’re at 74% of funding for the followup project to The Ancient Egyptian Daybook. This is a standalone perpetual planner-style calendar, and a project I had mentioned doing back with t...
Tamara L. Siuda - Curiosities · 10M ago

Daybook Perpetual Planner: Kickstarter live (and 50% there already!)

Yesterday afternoon, the Kickstarter campaign for the companion perpetual planner calendar to The Ancient Egyptian Daybook launched. Just 24 hours or so in, it’s already halfway to the goal ...
Tamara L. Siuda - Curiosities · 11M ago


Back from my third trip/event since 2017 began. Early morning thanks to jet lag means looking at my calendar, sorting what needs to be done, and preparing for my next trip, to Paganicon in M...