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TangledUpInArt · 5d ago

Size Matters

First – I wanted to share good news. The tiny little cyst in my brain is benign and does not need surgery! Talk about a great birthday present. This week, La Diva challenged us to go big (or...
TangledUpInArt · 1W ago

Maria, Mucha, and a New Tangle

Much has happened this week, so please forgive the long post. First, I want to thank you for the support last week. I have another MRI tomorrow, but so far, so good. Thank heavens. On Saturd...
TangledUpInArt · 3W ago

Trick or Treat

I hope you weren’t too scared by that black cat. I had an MRI after my vertigo incident last month and now I am waiting to see an oncology neurosurgeon. I will admit that I’m a little scared! It feels like a Halloween trick! Healing prayers, thoughts...
TangledUpInArt · 4W ago

Yes, I Know It’s Not Even Halloween!

Every year at this time I complain how the stores think it is Christmas and it’s not even Halloween yet. And, so what did I make for this week’s Diva Challenge? Yep, Christmas trees. I blame...
TangledUpInArt · 1M ago

Two More Pages of Pinktober

Did you survive Friday the 13th? I got to enjoy 2 concerts and my daughter’s company. Her ...
TangledUpInArt · 1M ago

Pinktober – 1/3 Done

We are 1/3 done with October already, and I’m 1/3 done with Pinktober. Here is my progress since last week plus this week’s Diva challenge. I will admit that I am feeling restrained by my li...
TangledUpInArt · 1M ago

#Inktober day 3: Feeling knotty be Cherryl Moore. Need to find a perfect quote for the center. And short since there is only 1.5 inches to write in!

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TangledUpInArt · 1M ago


Like many other tanglers worldwide, I’m participating in Inktober this year, essentially just a challenge to draw something every day. Since the prompts for the official version do not apply...
TangledUpInArt · 1M ago

More Gems

I thought it amusing that once again, the Diva challenged us this week to use a tangle that I used last week. We are supposed to be using one of my favorite tangles: ‘nzepple but in a “wonky...
TangledUpInArt · 2M ago

Gems, Challenges, and a Product Review

To say that the last 12 days have been a challenge is an understatement. I woke up on the 7th and felt like I was in my own personal tornado. The room was spinning, and I felt like I would throw up every time I moved my head. For the first week, I co...