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Tanglewood Threads · 3d ago

Walking Woodland Stones

'Walking Woodland Stones'2017Natural dyed and printed silks and cottonsThreads of cotton and wool.Running stitchstraight row upon rowHiggledy piggledyLoose and lumpybut running stitch all the same
Tanglewood Threads · 5d ago

Feeling Stones

Touch is crucial to our experience here on earth.I suppose some of us become more immersed in the sense of touch than others.I surely am drawn to expressing myself with thread and clothsimply because of the immediacy and honesty of touch.After all, y...
Tanglewood Threads · 1W ago

Summer Rocks!

Summer, precious SummerWhen the sun is up before I riseand seems to go to bed long after me.When squawking hatchlingsof every kindchase their patient mothers all over the gardendemanding to be fed the next bug or worm she finds.I spied a A grackle be...
Tanglewood Threads · 2W ago

Seven Plain Stones Plus One

This past week found me retreatinglike a snail or a turtle from the world.Retreating not only to look backwards and mull over my feelingsabout the five larger stoney pieces just completed......
Tanglewood Threads · 3W ago

Deciding on a Softer Touch

Another hag stoneA stone with a hole through itA stone from Dorset.This is how my cloth stone ended upbut it started like this..........To me it looked heavy handedso picked out all the stitchingand decided on a softer touch
Tanglewood Threads · 1M ago

Moving on Like a Rolling Stone

Funny how some of us areare bedecked and bejewelledand beautifulSome of us are plain janesand beautiful
Tanglewood Threads · 1M ago

Pups and Ducks

If there is a ball in the mouthyou know it is Rusty Pup ShandyEvery year a pair of black ducks nests across the pond.We love observing themThey are quite comfortable with the Rusty PupsSeveral times a day the male escorts the female onto our lawnand ...
Tanglewood Threads · 1M ago

Pink Rocks!

OneThis is the fourth piece for a show this summerIt has been up on the design wall for about a month!All of a sudden, one day this weekI knew what to try.....Pink!A discharged fabric with hints of pink was ripped into stripsand pinned up into rock-l...
Tanglewood Threads · 1M ago

A Forgotten Stone

Mmmm....a slice of pizza perhaps.Well, my version of this beauty....not the handsome agate!Must have food on my mind this weekbecause I thought walnut coffee cake!
Tanglewood Threads · 1M ago

Garden inspection

We were out inspecting the stream before the rain.And just for Lillian....Wait for it....Over we go....