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Tanglewood Threads · 13h ago

One Pebble at a Time

As I loaded up this week's stones onto Tanglewood ThreadsI noticed how faded and low energy they lookVery grey
Tanglewood Threads · 1w ago

Can a Stone be a Cloud?

 Dimpled blemishesfor a dumpling of a pebble.Don't you think this little thinglooks like it would rather be a mousescurrying through the grasslands in the background!
Tanglewood Threads · 1W ago

Returning to an Old Friend

This week I picked up an old piece and popped it into the hoopit is like welcoming back an old friendFeels goodA few months ago I had decided it needed a rest.The excitement had gone out of our relationship!I had lost interestand there I had other co...
Tanglewood Threads · 1W ago

It's That Time of Year....

....When yellow grasses edge the marshlandsand breaks in the clouds abovelight up orange h...
Tanglewood Threads · 2W ago

Rockin' and Rollin' Along With More Stones

 More rustiness....What is it about rustthat seems to catch my attentionwhen wandering stoney shorelines?I used to stitch with machineas well as handand lots and lots of colour.
Tanglewood Threads · 2W ago

Stone Markings for Halloween

Marking a grey stone with rusty coloured threadsOne of my favourite colour combinations. Strange shapeStrange markingsPerhaps appropriate.... it being Halloween today.
Tanglewood Threads · 3W ago

A Week of Mark Making With Needle and Paintbrush

Gentle GreyGentle SoulGentle thoughtsMy favourite for this week.Last week I had the privilege of participatingin a workshop given by Leya Evelyn.
Tanglewood Threads · 1M ago

Counting Stones

This pretty little flat stone is number 281.That's if my math is right.I don't have that many fingers!282Moving right along to a speckled ruby red.
Tanglewood Threads · 1M ago

Playing Catch-up after Friend-filled Thanksgiving

We gathered friends around us and celebrated Thanksgiving.Thank you all for enriching our lives.Now I'm playing Stone Pathways catchup.Wonder if stones enjoy
Tanglewood Threads · 1M ago

Keep on Rocking!

A rock party on the Fundy ShoreBasalt flat rocks watching the tide go out.A beautiful sunshiny day clambering over rocks.