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Tanglewood Threads · 6d ago

Walking Side by Side

 The last two weeks not yet joined to the rest of Stone Pathways.Two weeks stretching side by sideMakes me think of walking life's pathwaywith my lovely Handy Hubby!
Tanglewood Threads · 1W ago

A Fibre Arts Retreat That Might Interest You

The Society of Fibre Artists of the Annapolis River (SOFAAR) is hosting a Fibre Arts Retr...
Tanglewood Threads · 1W ago


Sometimes I take libertiesand make subtle marks bolder.Sometimes a pebble is so smooth and beautifulthere is no ice of cloth that will do it justice.
Tanglewood Threads · 2W ago

Stone Pathways Week Nine and a New Month

Such a lovely rock to handleIt fits in the hand perfectlyCool, smooth and heavywith surprising cracks running over the surfaceand a small rusty blob.I like the simplicity of this oneMinimali...
Tanglewood Threads · 3W ago

Mind Wanderings Over Stone Pathways

Looking at this picture for some reason my mindthought of Hopscotch.  My goodness... the hours we played that as kids in the fifties.Then I wondered if in fact I have any control at allover my mindforit seems to wander wherever it wisheswithout any c...
Tanglewood Threads · 1M ago

Progress.....Perhaps.....Perhaps Not!

Earlier this year I wrote a post 'Searching New Beginnings'I thought you would like to see how some of thosepieces have changed.This one changed from this
Tanglewood Threads · 1M ago

Tiptoeing Through Stone Pathways

 All pebbles in these parts are nowunder four feet of snow.I am going to have to start dig...
Tanglewood Threads · 1M ago

What to do on a Stormy Winter's Day

Watch and listen to the wind through icy windows.And the wind was vicious.Try and play with your new camerato get it to focus on icy windowsand not the swirling snow outside.
Tanglewood Threads · 1M ago

Tripping Over One Mighty Rock Amidst the Pebbles

Stone circleNow that I see this photographed it needs a few more stitches. Can you tell th...
Tanglewood Threads · 1M ago

Stone Pathways Move into February

A pathway transitioning into February.I have decided to add a strip indicating the start of a new month.The next decision will be whether to stitch 'February' onto that strip.If I do so, it should be subtle.Only read when close up.