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Teacher Tom's Blog · 1d ago

Creating Meaning And, Godlike, Laughing As He Did It

"Teacher Tom, this is fluid.""This?" I asked, pointing at the container of muddy water at his feet."Yes, it's called fluid.""What are these other things?"
Teacher Tom's Blog · 2d ago

"Don't Play With Your Food!"

When we were young, adults would threaten, "You'll eat it and you'll like it," when children recoiled at a meal, to which we learned to respond, "I'll eat it, but I won't like it." Sometimes an adult would remind us that there were children st...
Teacher Tom's Blog · 3d ago

"Play With A Purpose"

A few years back, I was watching a boy named Henry carry a yellow traffic pylon across the playground. He carefully placed it on the ground, not on it's base, but on it's side, taking care to get it "just so," before climbing atop an old packi...
Teacher Tom's Blog · 4d ago

Mister Roger's Neighborhood

Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the airing of the first episode of Mister Rog...
Teacher Tom's Blog · 5d ago

"Only Little Dinosaurs Can Come Into Our House"

Our three-year-olds were playing with our regulation issue wooden unit blocks and our full collection of dinosaurs, both large and small scale. The idea, of course, is that the kids will build things and find ways to incorporate the dinos, but...
Teacher Tom's Blog · 1W ago

It's Why We Laugh When We Play

Most of the actual work I do is in preparing for the arrival of the kids, and by "work" I mean the kinds of things I'd rather not be doing: the stuff for which I'd wave a magic wand if I could. Once the kids arrive on the scene, however, it's ...
Teacher Tom's Blog · 1W ago

Everything Else Is Up To The Kids

I get a lot of credit for things I didn't do. Grateful parents are forever thanking me for "teaching" their children things that they would have learned with or without me, or our preschool, or any school at all for that matter. I accept the t...
Teacher Tom's Blog · 1W ago

"First Is Worst"

When our oldest kids come in from outdoors to convene on the checkerboard rug for our daily community meeting, what we call circle time, there are a few who race to kick off their rain boots and wash their hands while others take their own swe...
Teacher Tom's Blog · 1W ago

"If I Only Had Two Blocks . . ."

I purchased our set of oversized, vinyl-covered, foam-rubber blocks over a decade ago using a $2000 windfall in the form of a generous donation from one of our families that included matching funds from an employer. The only stipulation was th...
Teacher Tom's Blog · 1W ago

Loving Them Just As They Are

I have spent my adult life trying to figure out why parents and society put themselves into a race -- what's the hurry? I keep trying to convey the pleasure every parent and teacher could feel while observing, appreciating and enjoying what t...