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Teacher Tom's Blog · 18h ago

They Often Wind Up Owning Us

I gave up on expecting our daughter to keep her room tidy when she was still quite young. My wife never really did, which, I think put us both in the company of other fine parents. It's an ages old challenge, but especially true these days whe...
Teacher Tom's Blog · 1d ago

What Are We Doing?

The Bad Guy Trap has become both an established part of our playground and a work in progress. It's something that I admire every day.
Teacher Tom's Blog · 2d ago

I Could Write Volumes, But That Would That Would Be Total BS

It wasn't until mid-morning that I noticed the box, there on the table just inside the gate to our playground. Someone had written "Junk (& Debris)" on the side. I figured it was something Teacher Rachel had cooked up for the kindergarten clas...
Teacher Tom's Blog · 3d ago

Words Matter

Have you ever seen one of those prepubescent beauty queens? You know, the ones whose moms dress them up like adult women, bouffant their hair, and give them make-up to make it look like they have 18-year-old heads on five-year-old bodies? We'r...
Teacher Tom's Blog · 4d ago


It would be an exaggeration to say that I could count all the meetings I'd attended...
Teacher Tom's Blog · 1w ago


I have the best job in the world. I can think of nothing I'd rather be doing with my time on the planet, yet each Monday morning I reluctantly pull myself from bed, reluctantly get dressed, and reluctantly make my way to work. And this is noth...
Teacher Tom's Blog · 1W ago

What It Means To Be Equal And Free

Very often, when those who live outside our progressive education bubble hear about our practices, their response is to envision a sort of chaotic mob rule, in which children are allowed to run wild. They warn of devastating consequences, of c...
Teacher Tom's Blog · 1W ago

Rabble Rousing

We live in a time when there exist committees of men and women who come together to decide what our children should learn: what they should understand from the literature they read, what kinds of equations they should be able to solve, what sc...
Teacher Tom's Blog · 1W ago

"I Want To Know These Things!"

When our daughter Josephine was little, I decided to expose her to a little "cultur...
Teacher Tom's Blog · 1W ago

Turning "Me" Into "We"

"We need to move this bench." She said it out of the blue to no one in particular. It's a piece of furniture made from wrought iron and wood, so not by any means light weight. Not only that, but it's been in the same spot for months. She began...