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Teacher Tom's Blog · 7h ago

Ways To Not Say "Good Job"

"Teacher Tom! Look!""
Teacher Tom's Blog · 1d ago

Pegasus Babies; Pegasus Mommies

"It's time to go to bed now, little pegasus babies.""Night-night mommy pegasus.""I'm going to turn off the lights now pegasus babies."
Teacher Tom's Blog · 2d ago

I Believe You

The first person that I saw post "Me too" yesterday was a close female relative. The second was also a close female relative. And then, as the day progressed, it seemed that every woman I know posted "Me too," indicating that they had been sex...
Teacher Tom's Blog · 3d ago

"Neigh! Neigh! Neigh!"

They were following one another around the playground, astride stick ponies, chanting, "Neigh! Neigh! Neigh!" Around and around they went, stopping periodically to create agreement among themselves."Let's pretend we're fire fighters, okay?"
Teacher Tom's Blog · 6d ago

Sacred Time

Ninety percent of our days at Woodland Park are spent in "unstructured" play, which...
Teacher Tom's Blog · 1w ago

Resisting Betsy DeVos

Tomorrow, I'm going to be joining what many expect will be the largest single protest to date against US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Hundreds if not thousands of us will be in the streets outside the Bellevue Hyatt Regency protesting her ...
Teacher Tom's Blog · 1W ago

A Real Magic Word

When I was a boy the word "please" was said to be the magic word, and I suppose it was when we were performing for adults in order to get something we wanted, but "let's" is the word with real magic in it. "Let's" is, of course, really two wor...
Teacher Tom's Blog · 1W ago

A Happy Accident

We have a set of Cuisenaire Rods that pre-dates my arrival at Woodland Park 16 years ago. I reckon most preschools have a box of them around the place, but for those who are unfamiliar, these "hands-on" manipulatives have been a staple of elem...
Teacher Tom's Blog · 1W ago

Cultivating Our Gardens

In Voltaire's satirical novella Candide, we follow the protagonist, a young boy, who travels the world. The boy starts as a coddled innocent, but as he's exposed to the various evils of the world, he becomes increasingly less optimistic about ...
Teacher Tom's Blog · 1W ago

This Is It

When I arrived on the scene, I found a group of a half dozen four-year-olds who had rigged up a large black pipe to the cast iron pump. They had buried the downhill end under sand. When they pumped the water, after a moment's anticipation, it ...