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Teaching Blog RoundUp · 2W ago

It's ESGI's "Spring Fling 2018 With ESGI And Friends" & EVERYONE Wins!

Everyone Wins With "The Spring Fling 2018 With ESGI and Friends!"Click the image to sign up for your FREE Extended Trial & Discount. Ahhh, SpRiNg! Warm days, birds singing, butterflies flutt...
Teaching Blog RoundUp · 2W ago

Let' Motivate, Engage, & Make Learning FUN with Palma, Heidi, & Drew!

And Get Your "P, H, D" from Palma, Heidi, & Drew!Click the image above for more information. The CA Kindergarten Association is excited to gather this talented team of California educators f...
Teaching Blog RoundUp · 1M ago

Have You Been To The Frog Street SPLASH Conference?

It's July 25-27 in Grapevine, Texas!Click the image for more info. Have you been to the SPLASH Conference before?Well, you are missing out! It is one of the biggest celebrations ever!
Teaching Blog RoundUp · 2M ago

8 Ways to Go Paperless in Your Classroom + FREEBIES

Save Paper, Time, and Make Learning FUN:Here are a few ways to provide engaging activities without taking the time to make copies. And just think of all of the trees you'll save!1.  Using wo...
Teaching Blog RoundUp · 3M ago

A FREEBIE, Prizes, & Learn How To Make EVERY Child a Writer!

Catch My Writing Webinar & Turn EVERY Child Into A Writer... Register now by CLICKING HERE. Watch it live to win prizes or watch it later when it's convenient for you. Click the sign above t...
Teaching Blog RoundUp · 3M ago

Who Wants to Win A Year of ESGI?

hWin a FREE Year of ESGI, My Favorite Thing!Do you know what ESGI did for my class? 1. It was the reason my students started to beg to be tested!2. It saved me hundreds of hours testing, rec...
Teaching Blog RoundUp · 5M ago

Can You Feel It???

There is a chill in the air!Click the image to see the fonts & graphics!Click the image to see my book: What Do You See?
Teaching Blog RoundUp · 6M ago

Ready Or Not, Here We Come, Tennessee!

Look at who will be in Tenn. Nov. 2-3:Click the photo to read all about the conference. Then, click the red tab to register!Your day will begin with Shari Sloane! 
Teaching Blog RoundUp · 8M ago

Are You Ready To Win A $50 GC and... (wait for it)

Start Your New School Year Right: Well, I have just the thing that can change your life! This was me:I needed a Super Hero!I started using ESGI in my kindergarten classroom in 2008 and I imm...
Teaching Blog RoundUp · 9M ago

Under Construction

I don't want to close my blog while I'm looking for a new design because it still receives  lot of Pinterest traffic.I do however hate how it looks when you land here. :(For now