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Teaching Authors Six Children's Book Authors Who Also Teach Writing
Teaching Authors · 4h ago

Out-and-about: REcharging My Batteries

Two weekends ago, despite rain, hail, sleet and snow which went by the name Storm Niko, I caught the last plane out of Chicago to attend SCBWI’s 18thAnnual Winter Conference in New York City...
Teaching Authors · 3d ago

4 Apps for Writers and Creatives, and a Terrible Poem (Sorry)

.Howdy, Campers and Happy Poetry Friday! (Links to PF and our latest autographed book drawing (!) are at the end of this post.)Our current topic is Writer Resources. Esther's fabulous post o...
Teaching Authors · 1w ago

Working On Waiting

                        Our latest theme has been “What I’m Working On.”  So I’m up next.              I’ve turned in the manuscript for the new book I'm working on title...
Teaching Authors · 1W ago

Book Giveaway and Student Success Story Interview with Robin Currie

Hello, Everyone! Today, I'm pleased to bring you a Student Success Story interview with my former student Robin Currie to celebrate the release of her picture book Tuktuk: Tundra Tale (Arbor...
Teaching Authors · 2W ago

My 99th Revision

Teaching Authors · 2W ago

Spinning Plates and My New Website.

    What am I doing right now...seriously?  You really want to know?  The truth?  Right th...
Teaching Authors · 3W ago

Five Fingers/Five Titles for Teaching Young Authors (And Those Young-At-Heart)

So, to answer April’s insightful question posed in her Friday post, you can find my current fingerprint all over today’s post, literally and figuratively.For a variety of reasons too many to...
Teaching Authors · 3W ago

3 Things I Am Doing Today...What's YOUR Fingerprint?

.Howdy, Campers, and Happy Poetry Friday! (The link to PF and my poem are below.)Today's TeachingAuthor topic is "What are you working on now?" An alternate topic I could have chosen was: "S...
Teaching Authors · 4W ago

Describing the Indescribable in Six Words

OK, I admit it.  I’m an over thinker.  I can’t help it.  It is how I arrived way back when.  So to distill my life into a six word memoir is harder than I thought it would be.  There are so many different directions it could go.  And the thought of c...
Teaching Authors · 1M ago

Starting the Year with Good News

Hello, all!I'm happy to share some Good News in this, my first post of 2017:I finally have a new novel coming out! My young-adult historical romance, PLAYING BY HEART, will be published by Vinspire Publishing this fall. The novel is set in 18th-centu...