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textileseahorse · 10M ago

Unbound: explorations into indigo opening this week

My new exhibition Unbound: explorations into indigo opens this Friday night at in.cube8r gallery 321 Smith Street Fitzroy. Works on paper, mulberry bark, silk scarves - all dipped in or p...
textileseahorse · 1Y ago

making shifu

I made some kami ito ages ago and kept it (I thought) safely hidden away. When I decided to test my new lap loom to see how well I could make shifu on it, I found that Certain Cats had found...
textileseahorse · 1Y ago

bark and ink

still absorbing and playing around with the wonderful techniques and ways of looking at the world that I learned at Sophie Munns' Seeds Through an Artist's Lens workshop last month. Using...
textileseahorse · 1Y ago

more practising

painting this time - and finding my shapes and textures in this new technique.  And really pushing my 'not usually chosen colours' button by playing with neutrals - there's the first layer
textileseahorse · 1Y ago

more baskets

I've been practising my twining - with iris leaves, feathers and eco-dyed silk string dianella, feathers and eco-dyed silk string feathers and indigo dyed hemp string
textileseahorse · 1Y ago

Seeds Through an Artist's Lens workshop

This weekend I was lucky enough to spend two days working with artist and seedonaut Sophie Munns Sophie's Seeds Through an Artist's Lens workshop was held at the Royal Botanic Gardens he...
textileseahorse · 1Y ago

learning to weave baskets

I have wanted to learn Aboriginal basket weaving for ages so I leapt at the chance to go to an afternoon workshop with Adrienne Kneebone at the Textile Arts Community. Adrienne and her partn...
textileseahorse · 1Y ago

a walk along the Merri Creek

Now summer has declined into autumn, it is lovely weather for a Sunday afternoon walk along the Merri Creek. There was lush green and the obligatory dead gum trees.  We sat down for a...
textileseahorse · 1Y ago


More than a month without posting.. sometimes I wonder if this blog is dying by inches, or if it has just entered a new rhythm, a different pattern, squeezed in between life, and Instagram a...
textileseahorse · 1Y ago

making sketchbooks

Using Jane Davies' instructions found here I spent this weekend making my first home-made sketchbook.  It's a brilliant way to use up random pieces of paper and gets you over the hurdle of...