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The Beauty Scoop! · 5M ago

Nail Porn: My New Chrome & Holographic Nails!

I’ve always loved having long nails; they’ve always grown strong and long for as long as I can remember. I actually gave up violin aged 9 after playing for just a year, because I was fed up ...
The Beauty Scoop! · 8M ago

International Fragrance Day Offers From!

Just a quickie (that’s what she said ;-) oooh-errrr), but it’s International Fragrance Day...
The Beauty Scoop! · 8M ago

Diet & Weight Loss: No Carb Pizza Omelette!

As a female who wasn’t blessed with the ability to lose weight and be toned just by existi...
The Beauty Scoop! · 8M ago

Are Our Selfies Really Ourselves? Is Heavily Editing & Filtering Our Photographs Going Too Far?

L: Original to R: Heavily EditedIn recent years there has been widespread reporting, and criticism of the use of excessive airbrushing on models within the film/TV, fashion and beauty world,...
The Beauty Scoop! · 8M ago

I'm back! A Little Explanation For My Relative Silence!

So you’ll probably all have noticed that I haven’t been around for a while; or perhaps you hadn’t noticed but now I come to mention it… but I’m going to indulge myself and pretend that you had all most definitely noticed my absence, even if you ha...
The Beauty Scoop! · 8M ago

Save Money When Shopping Online (Updated) - Cashback Sites & Discount Codes!

If like me, you're a bit too handy online with your debit/credit card and just can't hel...
The Beauty Scoop! · 8M ago

Fox Hunting Ban - My Thoughts & How You Can Help!

Apologies in advance that this post isn't necessarily in keeping with the usual style of posting that I do, but it’s very much in keeping with my own morals and beliefs, and so with that being said, I hope that you don’t mind me posting this up. With...
The Beauty Scoop! · 8M ago

Urban Decay to Launch New 'Naked Smoky' Palette on 30th July!

Urban Decay’s original ‘Naked’ palette set off what appears to be a huge wave of similar, neutral-hued palettes being released by many other brands that then saw the niche in the market for ...
The Beauty Scoop! · 8M ago

Pancake Day: Healthy, Flour Free, Low Carb Pancakes!

The Beauty Scoop! · 8M ago

Valentine's Day Gift Suggestions: Luxury Beauty, Fragrance & Jewellery Options For Your Loved One!

This guide was meant to be my part 3 in my Luxury Christmas Gift Guide, but alas my schedu...