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The Accidentally Running Mama · 10h ago

364 Days

So tomorrow marks one year on this magic carpet ride.   Last year at this time, I was prepping for my thyroidectomy.   You know the usually stuff you do prior to a surgery – make sure your w...
The Accidentally Running Mama · 1w ago

Starting Line….

  It’s funny I ran the Chicago Marathon  just 5 weeks ago, yet some how I feel like I couldn’t run around the block.   I don’t know how anyone who has run as many races as I have can still f...
The Accidentally Running Mama · 3W ago

Good Thing Come to Those that Wait

I’ve been good for the most part.   I wisely only did one  race out of the four this past weekend.    Then yesterday I went for a nice six miles with friends using the walk/run method. Today...
The Accidentally Running Mama · 3W ago

And Now It’s Over

Don’t worry that doesn’t mean it’s bad.  Really. Seriously First, I have to say that I was right in picking up my race goodies.    The shirt is nice although it’s green this year which threw...
The Accidentally Running Mama · 4W ago

It’s Not Over Till It’s Over

Should I stay or should I go? If I stay there will be trouble. If I go it will be double…. The Clash done wrong.  (That’s a group Mom and it’s in reference to a song) I know after my last po...
The Accidentally Running Mama · 4W ago

It’s Hard

Running is hard. Not running when you want to is harder. So I totally took last week off.   I’m supposed to be crossing training this week, but so far it hasn’t happened.   I will say though...
The Accidentally Running Mama · 1M ago

Rest, Roll, RECOVERY

I’ve been through enough this year to know that I need to listen to my body.  To pay attention when it is giving me signs of what it needs.   As a runner though part of training is to learn ...
The Accidentally Running Mama · 1M ago

It’s Not All Good

Warning I may be a little cranky writing this:) Now you know I love me a good race.   I often sign up for a race in the wee hours of the night so as to not miss out.    I love getting up ear...
The Accidentally Running Mama · 1M ago


When you already know what the doctor is going to say, but it validates you.
The Accidentally Running Mama · 1M ago

Done is Done

Getting to the finish line of Chicago Marathon was challenging to say the least, but I still got it done.