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The Antrim Cycle Magic and Fantasy in Antrim, Maine

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The Antrim Cycle · 3h ago

Book Review: Whispers of a Broken World by Jeff Pryor

Reactions to a poetry book can be varied, and I found this true of the different poems in "Whispers of a Broken World". A few I didn't care for, but I enjoyed many of the others in this coll...
The Antrim Cycle · 3d ago

Book Review: King of Code by CD Reiss

Taylor Harden is an ex-hacker who is on the cusp (yes, I used cusp - you'll get it if you read the book) of fame and fortune with his new unhackable system. Until, just as Wired is interview...
The Antrim Cycle · 6d ago

Promo, Excerpt, Review: The Sullivans Books 1-3 by Bella Andre

Contemporary RomanceDate Published: December 5, 2015Publisher: Oak Press, LLCMore than 6 million readers have already fallen in love with the Sullivans! Now get ready to meet your new favor...
The Antrim Cycle · 1W ago

Book Review: Home Front by Shannen C Wright

In this second book of the Sanctuary series, Kana has arrived in the jungles of China towing her young son, Michael. She meets up with Vincent (the werewolf boyfriend), Gabby (the ice queen)...
The Antrim Cycle · 2W ago

Book Review: Black Bird of the Gallows by Meg Kassel

Angie Dovage has a new neighbor. Reese Fernandez is good-looking, athletic, and is at the center of some odd going-ons. Angie is intrigued though he's really not her type and starts followin...
The Antrim Cycle · 2W ago

Book Tour and Giveaway: Four Victorian Romances by Rachel Brimble

ALL BOOKS ARE LOOSELY CONNECTED YET EASILY READ AS STANDALONES!The Seduction of Emilyby Rachel BrimbleGenre: Victorian RomanceSeduction is a wicked game, and no on
The Antrim Cycle · 2W ago

New Release: Black Bird of the Gallows by Meg Kassel

A simple but forgotten truth: Where harbingers of death appear, the morgues will soon be full.Angie Dovage can tell there’s more to Reece Fernandez than just the tall, brooding athlete who h...
The Antrim Cycle · 3W ago

New Release and Book Review: The Phoenix Lord by Angelique S. Anderson

The Phoenix Lord is the sequel to The Dragon Lady. Lord Adrian McCollum marries his true love, Wylie Petford, and sets out to exhibit his steam-powered carriage, first in London, then Americ...
The Antrim Cycle · 3W ago

Book Review: Mergers & Acquisitions by Jennifer Griffith

When Jillian Price finds a rare painting at a garage sale, she can't believe her luck. But it's her newfound acquaintance, Aero Jantzen, who gives her the push to follow her dreams. Jilly is...
The Antrim Cycle · 3W ago

Book Blitz: Melvin the Sad...(ish) Robot by Joshua Margolis

Children’s bookDate Published: 11/1/16Publisher: Mascot BooksMelvin is known for being a sad…(ish) robot. But, as he finds new friends and experiences, he may just figure out how to be happ...