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The Audacity of Thought Raising awareness of the issues of the forgotten in a fast p

English - Opinion, Activism, Politics
The Audacity of Thought · 9M ago

Through My Eyes

I wish for just a dayMaybe even just a momentThat you could see the world through my eyesTo see the strength forced upon meLike AtlasThe world is upon my shouldersFeet have worn from constan...
The Audacity of Thought · 1Y ago

America's Bloodlust

Rivers of blood flowing through a majestic land Endless tears cried When even kids have died In this great land  Of America 
The Audacity of Thought · 1Y ago

Asshole, I Am

I guess by definition I'm what's considered an asshole A deplorable human Speaking the facts better left unsaid 
The Audacity of Thought · 1Y ago

Missing Link

I was never supposed to fit in Forcing me to view the world more expansively No stereotype could box me in 
The Audacity of Thought · 1Y ago

She Is

A spirit that renews A complicated soul who's not playing roles She goes with the flow God guides her soul She A beautiful mistake 
The Audacity of Thought · 1Y ago

Chance with your Heart

I Stare Deep into eyes long dead of emotional rises Rising to the challenge I think I can Unsure if you’ll understand me 
The Audacity of Thought · 1Y ago

Suicide and Me

By far this is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. In lieu of Veterans day and with thousands if not more of Veterans committing suicide or thinking about it, I feel I owe America the t...
The Audacity of Thought · 1Y ago

In the Moment

In that moment Life became living color An exhilarating ride of pleasure and pain Joyous and sane It is insane to think 
The Audacity of Thought · 1Y ago

A Lady is Art

Show me a soul flawed Able to accept Love because they love what's within Honestly presented Beautifully creative A nurturing soul who knows 
The Audacity of Thought · 1Y ago

There Once was a Dream

There once was a dream Seeds planted in the spring Fragile as the world sometimes seems A dream growing Roots digging deeper It is sturdy as it rises