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The Audacity of Thought Raising awareness of the issues of the forgotten in a fast p

English - Opinion, Activism, Politics
The Audacity of Thought · 7M ago

Through My Eyes

I wish for just a dayMaybe even just a momentThat you could see the world through my eyesTo see the strength forced upon meLike AtlasThe world is upon my shouldersFeet have worn from constan...
The Audacity of Thought · 10M ago

America's Bloodlust

Rivers of blood flowing through a majestic land Endless tears cried When even kids have died In this great land  Of America 
The Audacity of Thought · 10M ago

Asshole, I Am

I guess by definition I'm what's considered an asshole A deplorable human Speaking the facts better left unsaid 
The Audacity of Thought · 10M ago

Missing Link

I was never supposed to fit in Forcing me to view the world more expansively No stereotype could box me in 
The Audacity of Thought · 10M ago

She Is

A spirit that renews A complicated soul who's not playing roles She goes with the flow God guides her soul She A beautiful mistake 
The Audacity of Thought · 10M ago

Chance with your Heart

I Stare Deep into eyes long dead of emotional rises Rising to the challenge I think I can Unsure if you’ll understand me 
The Audacity of Thought · 10M ago

Suicide and Me

By far this is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. In lieu of Veterans day and with thousands if not more of Veterans committing suicide or thinking about it, I feel I owe America the t...
The Audacity of Thought · 10M ago

In the Moment

In that moment Life became living color An exhilarating ride of pleasure and pain Joyous and sane It is insane to think 
The Audacity of Thought · 10M ago

A Lady is Art

Show me a soul flawed Able to accept Love because they love what's within Honestly presented Beautifully creative A nurturing soul who knows 
The Audacity of Thought · 10M ago

There Once was a Dream

There once was a dream Seeds planted in the spring Fragile as the world sometimes seems A dream growing Roots digging deeper It is sturdy as it rises