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The Baking Biatch ♥ · 11M ago

Hot Cocoa Mix

It has been an insanely busy week but being Teacher's Day on Friday and that celebrations were on Thursday, I squeezed some time to make little gifts for a few colleagues.. I did up a Hot Cocoa Mix after being inspired by Tasty's video on Facebook. I...
The Baking Biatch ♥ · 11M ago

Creamed Mushroom Pasta with Pan Seared Chicken

Today was a busy day. Hubby and I woke up early to clean the house before ma and our aunties came over to make mooncakes. I decided to whip up a simple lunch after our cleaning session and before they came over. This recipe is simple yet delicious. I...
The Baking Biatch ♥ · 11M ago

Pandan Gula Meleka Cake

I got rather inspired to bake after a couple of successful bakes last week.. On Sunday, I baked this Pandan Gula Meleka Cake, inspired by the Ondeh Ondeh.I've been wanting to blog this recipe but since school started on Monday, the admin work and mar...
The Baking Biatch ♥ · 12M ago

Old fashioned cake (slices) with homemade piping jelly

After a long wait, I finally gathered energy to bake these Old fashioned cakes. They probably evoke memories for you as much as they did for me. I grew up with them and I loved them alongsid...
The Baking Biatch ♥ · 1Y ago

Chocolate Fudge Cake

So I've been on a hiatus for like a really long time. I guess work got the better of me.. ...
The Baking Biatch ♥ · 1Y ago

Homemade Mango Sorbet (With just 2 ingredients)

Last week, my office combined forces (haha!) to order mangoes from the supplier. We ordered a thousand odd bucks worth of mangoes from the supplier! As the weather was just really warm, the mangoes ripened a little too soon for my liking. I had gotte...
The Baking Biatch ♥ · 1Y ago

French Pastry lesson with my sister at Palate Sensations

On the 5th of June, my sister and I woke up really early (for weekend's standard that is!) and travelled to Buona Vista for our French Pastry Class. It's a lesson conducted by Palate Sensations as arranged by SkillsHQ. It was $240 but it was fully re...
The Baking Biatch ♥ · 1Y ago

Food Jewellery Part 3

I've been working on more food jewellery lately! Sharing some of my works here! Tonkatsu...
The Baking Biatch ♥ · 1Y ago

Dong Po Rou (Braised Pork Belly)

It's FINALLY the school holidays! I enjoy sleeping in till I wake up naturally... I enjoy the time that I have to be able to cook. As the hubby is working the afternoon shift this week, I took the chance to cook lunch for us. Inspired by The Meat Men...
The Baking Biatch ♥ · 1Y ago

Food Jewellery Part 2

So I've recently been really into food replicas.. and making them tiny has been lots of fun! Here are some of the works I've done since the last update! Iced gem cookies