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English - Life, Oklahoma, Arts
SK Waller · 4d ago

50 Summers Of Love

I know myself. In fact, I’ve conducted decades of research on myself and I know that if I don’t just set a date and work toward a thing I’ll never do it. Or maybe I’ll do it, but it’ll take ...
SK Waller · 2W ago

From Gilead to New York to Juffure

It took Nettl, Netflix, and retirement to get me into movies. Until a few years ago I often felt the odd man out, so to speak, when friends asked, “Hey, have you seen ‘suchandsuch’ yet?” I j...
SK Waller · 1M ago

Wild Bil X-ing

I’m extremely proud and pleased to announce that my friend, Wild Bil McCombe, who played bass and resonator guitar on my song, A Polite Little Madness, has been nominated for Best Blues Arti...
SK Waller · 1M ago

Are We Angels

I’ve gone to many concerts in my life, and there are many concerts I wanted to go to but couldn’t for one reason or another, but if there ever has been one concert I really wanted to attend ...
SK Waller · 2M ago

On Opera, Tornadoes, and BBQ

I just looked back at my recent posts and was shocked at how obsessed I’ve been over the redecorating of Bookends Cottage. Enough already! Today, I’ll just make a sort of unbulleted bullet l...
SK Waller · 2M ago

Controlling the Chaos

My current project of decluttering my life is already producing the effects I wished for. With each thing I discard I feel freer and lighter. This isn’t confined only to the material possess...
SK Waller · 3M ago

Fake It Till You Make It

Since about 2005, Nettl and I have had one car between us and since she’s the one who works outside the home, I’m without wheels every day. Unless I have a doctor appointment or need to run ...
SK Waller · 3M ago

Your Daily Accord

So how’s your head? Are you reeling? Clutching your gut? Mopping your brow? Barfing over the rail? I admit that over the past week it’s taken a small jug of Chianti, a box of Cheez-Its, a co...
SK Waller · 4M ago

I Just Looked Around and They’re Gone

I’ve seen a lot in this life, I’ve witnessed the best and the worst, and I choose to celebrate the best, not acknowledge the worst.
SK Waller · 4M ago

If I Only Had a Sign

In a meditation on my birthday back in September, I got down to business and told myself/the universe/God/whatever that I wanted a definite, unmistakable sign about which of my two creative ...