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SK Waller · 1M ago

A New Normal

What a long, strange month it’s been! I won’t go into everything that’s entailed in Nettl’s diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer—you’ve probably read all about that in Facebook—but I wi...
SK Waller · 2M ago

Blogging vs. Vlogging (and if you like to dance you might try clogging)

If the blogging era’s subtext was “Listen to me!” then the vlogging era’s is “Look at me when I’m speaking to you!” Hey. Did I say this is a bad thing? Lately, I’ve been playing with the ide...
SK Waller · 3M ago

My Recipe For a Great Music Session

Every musician I know has their own recipe for a successful session whether that’s songwriting, recording, or rehearsing. I thought I’d share mine with you. Have Something in Mind That You W...
SK Waller · 3M ago

What It All Means

I first encountered Bob Dylan in 1964 when I was asked to perform Blowin’ In The Wind at an Elks dinner in Ballard, California. I was a tender 12 at the time and I’d actually been asked to p...
SK Waller · 3M ago

Dear Fellow Earthlings

Most of us didn’t vote for this maniacal human wrecking ball. We’re as angry and scared as you are.
SK Waller · 4M ago

50 Summers Of Love

I know myself. In fact, I’ve conducted decades of research on myself and I know that if I don’t just set a date and work toward a thing I’ll never do it. Or maybe I’ll do it, but it’ll take ...
SK Waller · 4M ago

From Gilead to New York to Juffure

It took Nettl, Netflix, and retirement to get me into movies. Until a few years ago I often felt the odd man out, so to speak, when friends asked, “Hey, have you seen ‘suchandsuch’ yet?” I j...
SK Waller · 5M ago

Wild Bil X-ing

I’m extremely proud and pleased to announce that my friend, Wild Bil McCombe, who played bass and resonator guitar on my song, A Polite Little Madness, has been nominated for Best Blues Arti...
SK Waller · 5M ago

Are We Angels

I’ve gone to many concerts in my life, and there are many concerts I wanted to go to but couldn’t for one reason or another, but if there ever has been one concert I really wanted to attend ...
SK Waller · 5M ago

On Opera, Tornadoes, and BBQ

I just looked back at my recent posts and was shocked at how obsessed I’ve been over the redecorating of Bookends Cottage. Enough already! Today, I’ll just make a sort of unbulleted bullet l...