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The Dancing Donkey · 2h ago

Random Review

The Dancing Donkey · 1W ago

Donkey in the Mist

The Dancing Donkey · 1W ago

Shaded Out

Hmmm, sunbathing on a cold day....looks like a good idea, but the best spots are taken.  What's a big donkey to do?The Little Brown Brat certainly looks comfortable... Out of the wind and in...
The Dancing Donkey · 2W ago

Two Shots in The Ear

Another guest blog here (With a few comments from the usual blogger in italics) from me, farm buddy (what a pathetic nickname!!!!).  Since Farm Buddy doesn't like her nickname, I guess I sho...
The Dancing Donkey · 2W ago

Where Are They Now

Rebecca wanted to know if I still have the mobster chickens....I started out with five hens and a baby rooster.  The rooster was intended for someone else and he left as soon as his "mother"...
The Dancing Donkey · 2W ago

A Visit With the Lovebirds

The Dancing Donkey · 3W ago

Big Ben

I finally got the results from Ben's latest blood test to monitor his Cushing's disease. He is on 1/2 a tablet of Prascend (brand name for pergolide) and his ACTH level has come down to 14.3...
The Dancing Donkey · 4W ago

When the Sun Comes Out

The Dancing Donkey · 1M ago

The Three Musketeers

The Dancing Donkey · 1M ago

How it Really Goes

Be warned, this post contains LOTS of bad words.Do you ever watch a DIY how-to video and say, "oh, that looks easy"?Well, fixing a hot water heater is like that.  They are really very simple...