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The Dancing Donkey · 18h ago


A scrumptious feast...Some good conversation...A little bit of chaos...And some time to put your feet up at the end of the day. Happy Thanksgiving.
The Dancing Donkey · 3d ago

Sweet Puppy Goodness

A while ago, I introduced you to Baby Bea, Farm Buddy's sister's new puppy.  There was much agonizing about getting a new puppy because they were worried that the old dog might feel upset an...
The Dancing Donkey · 4d ago

Dust Settling

Tessa is doing very well down at Riding Buddy's place.  She is in loooove with Hawkeye and is enjoying being a horse for a while.  It did go to her head for a bit (doesn't it always?) and sh...
The Dancing Donkey · 6d ago

Shooting and Shooting

I officially declared my camera dead last night, pulled its battery, memory card and tossed it.  It died the night I was chiseling the holes for my barn posts, but I had some hope of revivin...
The Dancing Donkey · 1w ago

The Buddy System

 The super scary insulated water tub finally made it all the way into the barn.Just in time too as the weather has taken a sudden dramatic dip into winter.  Ben still had some concerns that ...
The Dancing Donkey · 1W ago

Old Man Winter

The Dancing Donkey · 1W ago

Rioting Protestors

This Fall, I have been trying, again, to get everyone to accept grazing muzzles.  All I can say is that I have finally found something that all the donkeys agree on wholeheartedly. And yes, ...
The Dancing Donkey · 2W ago

Comfort Food

I don't normally post recipes because I am a highly indifferent cook.  However, with all the chaos in the world (which I am not indifferent to, but neither do I have any words for), I though...
The Dancing Donkey · 2W ago

Overheard Conversation

The Dancing Donkey · 3W ago

Taking the Devil's Word

After reading Ben's Tale Of Terror, you will understand why I have to make any changes to the water system very carefully and gradually.  Ben is fully stubborn enoug to die of dehydration be...