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The Dancing Donkey · 1d ago

Dog Day

Border Collie stand-off.Old geezer on a mission.The dynamic duo.
The Dancing Donkey · 6d ago

Some Things Never Change

Such as Ramsey's idea of Spring cleaning...
The Dancing Donkey · 1W ago

Spring Ledger

It's finally Spring on the farm, my favorite time of the year.  It is also the time of year when we all look around and take stock and see what the winter has left behind.The ice finally wen...
The Dancing Donkey · 2W ago

Spring Waltz

The Dancing Donkey · 2W ago

Hard Days for Old Dogs

A week ago (it's really taken me a week to write this blog post?  Something is very broken)...Anyway....a week ago last Sunday, I got a call from FB to come over because something was not ri...
The Dancing Donkey · 3W ago

Random Review

The Dancing Donkey · 3W ago

Small Pieces

As you probably noticed, the blog is suffering from severe ennui and writers block.   Help me out people, is there anything you would like to hear about? Meanwhile...small pieces of a big do...
The Dancing Donkey · 4W ago

Wash Behind Your Ears

The Dancing Donkey · 1M ago

Bath Time

Some kids like to play with bubbles in the bath.  Others prefer a nice dust bath.It can get messy.Very messy.But it sure feels good.
The Dancing Donkey · 1M ago

Sharing the Nest