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The Dancing Donkey · 2d ago

Am I completely Crazy??

Sooo....I mentioned a little while ago that if Tessa had better conformation, I would be very tempted to breed her to a jack for a mule baby and lots of people were like, "What's wrong with ...
The Dancing Donkey · 5d ago

Keep Away

The Dancing Donkey · 1W ago

Automatic Donkey Scrubber

A while ago we introduced the one and only Solar Powered Donkey Warmer.  Well, today we are here with a whole new product! The fully Automatic Donkey Scrubber!Some assembly required. Step 1:...
The Dancing Donkey · 1W ago

Puppy Overdose

I told Elva today that I was going to have to start carrying around some of that Narcan stuff in case she completely overdoses on puppies.It could happen.The puppies have moved out into the ...
The Dancing Donkey · 1W ago

These Two!

This is one of my new favorite pictures.  Ben looks like a little kid begging to play and my Little Brown Brat is soooo determined that he is going to win.So far, it's a draw.Except for the ...
The Dancing Donkey · 2W ago

Absurdly Cute

The puppies are 4 weeks old today and they have reached the point that may just be maximum cuteness.They have gone well past the grub stage into the fluffy, sweet, cuddly stage.So cute, it a...
The Dancing Donkey · 2W ago

Boys Are Sooo Dumb

"Sigh.""Do you see them back there?  See what I have to put up with now?""Round and round and up and down they go.""It's just an empty feed dish they're trying to destroy."
The Dancing Donkey · 2W ago

Cat Puddle

The Dancing Donkey · 3W ago

On The Move

The Dancing Donkey · 3W ago

Gateway Drug

Now that Ben and Ramsey have broken the play barrier, it did not take them long to destroy the World's Greatest Toy.I had to step in and cancel playtime because Ramsey ate one end of it.  I ...