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The Dancing Donkey · 1d ago

Custom Fit

The black flies are really brutal this time of year and they just love donkey ears - all that acreage with a lovely blood supply, its just what black flies loves.  Fortunately, Cashel makes ...
The Dancing Donkey · 4d ago

Knight in Slightly Shinning Armor

The other day when Lucy (the stray dog) was still here, I went out to the barn in the morning to feed and, since Lucy had been doing so well off lead, I let her off her rope as well.  She ha...
The Dancing Donkey · 1w ago

The Happy Ending

It turns out that the stray has a name - it's Lucy. Late last night, I got a message from a local woman who was sure this was her dog.  Since I had several people tell me that they were sure...
The Dancing Donkey · 1W ago

A Different Sort of Dog

The stray dog spent the night in my hay shed for lack of any other option.  I suspect that I could have just left her loose, but I didn't want to chance it.  She had a cushy bed to sleep on ...
The Dancing Donkey · 1W ago

Does Anyone know This Dog??

A few nights ago, something got into the cat food in the barn.  I thought it was one of the cats from down the road and did not think much about it.  Then, one of my chickens got killed.  I ...
The Dancing Donkey · 1W ago

Going Green

The Dancing Donkey · 1W ago

Bug Off

There are two worries in my donkey keeping world that I struggle with above all others.  The one is how to keep their weight under control while still keeping them happy.  The other is the t...
The Dancing Donkey · 1W ago

Cheap Drunk

The vet was out on Thursday for a Spring checkup and dental check.  Ben had been yawning a lot and stretching his mouth so I thought there might be something going on with him and since I do...
The Dancing Donkey · 2W ago

Battle of the Bulge

This winter was not a good one in the constant war-on-fat-donkeys that I wage around here.  There were extreme drought conditions over the whole region during the 2016 hay making season.  Dr...
The Dancing Donkey · 3W ago