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The Darby Creek Diaries Humor Stories with a Useful Twist (I hope!)

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The Darby Creek Diaries · 1W ago

Happy Easter 2017 From The 'Creek!

Hello! I wanted to quickly share some treat bags I made for Easter Dinner.  Also, I wanted to show off some adorable cookies from a local baker.I used the Waffle Flower Gift Bag Die availabl...
The Darby Creek Diaries · 2W ago

Necessity IS the Mother of Invention-- How I Saved Time (and Probably My Eyesight) Tearing Out Tile

Hello!It starts the same for everyone; the dreaming, planning, financing, material ordering, hopes and dreams of an easy remodel.  Then reality sets in.  Expense, work, more time, extra work...
The Darby Creek Diaries · 3W ago

Beauty and the Beast and an exciting Blog Update!

Hello!Well, nothing really funny happened painting my kitchen.  It took forever and I have a new appreciation for the folks that I design kitchens.  The mess, oh the mess!  There just isn't ...
The Darby Creek Diaries · 1M ago

Gale's Gallery XXIX: Oxide Inks & Other New Toys!

Hello again!I know, back to back galleries, but I promise to have something for you other guys shortly!  It's just that March is National Craft Month and I have been celebrating it with some...
The Darby Creek Diaries · 1M ago

Gale's Gallery XXVIII: Greeting Card Roundup

Hello!I just got several new things that were announced at CHA's Creativation convention.  I can't wait to show you the latest and I think greatest.  There weren't as many "innovative" items...
The Darby Creek Diaries · 2M ago

The Unstable Table

Hi Everyone!I've been catching up on a few of my chores and ran across the pair of ringside grooming tables in my garage.  Here is how I got them:I paid $85ish for a nice ringside table for ...
The Darby Creek Diaries · 3M ago

Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover!

Hello! Hope you had an enjoyable holiday season!I was recently reminded of a truck we had in the early 2000s.  I don't know the exact year it was, just that it was a retired water truck and ...
The Darby Creek Diaries · 3M ago

Happy 2017 Everyone!

Hi!Just a quick note to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!See you soon with a completely random humor post:)Warmest regards,Gale, Audra and TaylorGO BUCKS!!!! BEAT CLEMSON!
The Darby Creek Diaries · 4M ago

Gale's Gallery XXVII: Merry Christmas 2016 Everyone!

Greetings!It's Christmas Eve night and preparations are pretty much wrapped up here (pun intended!) I'm hoping you are ready for the holiday week and taking time to enjoy it.  In my area, we...
The Darby Creek Diaries · 4M ago

"Godspeed, John Glenn"

Good Morning,John Glenn passed away last week, with his final memorial service today.  He was an amazing person, but more than that by all accounts a very down to Earth, gracious and humble ...