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The Enchanting World Of · 2W ago

Spreading Love for My Birthday Week~Vision Board~Nurturing The Soul

Beginning The Process♥So She Shall Be Enchanted!!!  ....and the Full View♥Pleas
The Enchanting World Of · 3W ago

Pure Magic~Beltane~Welcome May

 As I look at this week's Planner Spread/Vision Board, I recall how Magical a Secret Garden really is!!!Who has watched the movie "The Secret Garden?" I have the Hallmark Channel Version and...
The Enchanting World Of · 4W ago

Foxburg and Faery's~Gathering Grace

 Last weekend, Jimi and I took a weekend trip to celebrate with Friends for one of his Band Mate's 60th Birthday.  We stayed in a Beautiful Log Cabin that was set back into the woods.  I'll ...
The Enchanting World Of · 1M ago

Happy Mail Series

I recently received a beautiful package of Happy Mail from my friend Victoria.She lives in Northern California. Inside the box was the most wonderfully smelling Potpourri and all sorts of ot...
The Enchanting World Of · 1M ago

Food, Friendship and Flights of Fancy

 This past Saturday, I did my First Spring Trunk Show of the Season.  It was a good show!  later that evening, Jimi and I had the pleasure of joining friends for a Surprise Birthday Party Di...
The Enchanting World Of · 1M ago

Magical Spaces, Places and Stevie Nicks

 Haven at Home...This has been very important to me these past few weeks...I have been working on making some decisions for my business that have been very difficult and finding solitude at ...
The Enchanting World Of · 2M ago

Vision Boards and New Beginnings in The Planner for Ostara/Spring

Welcome Spring!!! It is officially here!!! The Spring Equinox came to us on March 20th and I am so delighted that SPRING is finally here!As usual, I have created a a Vision board and a video...
The Enchanting World Of · 2M ago

Building Strength, Terrariums and Tassels ~ Southern Comfort Snail Mail

 This week's Planner Spread Vision Board is a representation of The Spring Equinox among other things.I invite you to watch this week's Planner Clip and if you are inspired, please do join o...
The Enchanting World Of · 2M ago

Beautiful Bundles~Tips and Clips Of The Day

Something I do with all of the cards received for a certain occasion or holiday is to bundle them together and tie them together with a lovely ribbon. I then tag the bundle noting the occasi...
The Enchanting World Of · 2M ago

So Much Good Stuff  Thought you might enjoy.Much Love,❤❤❤Milady Leela