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The Fate Series · 1d ago

Mother Nature knocks us upside the head

I think it’s glorious that Mother Nature blanketed us with snow on the second day of Spring. This winter hasn’t given the D.C. area a day like this, and I know that while all of us here are ...
The Fate Series · 1M ago

Hobbling along the too-long road

During my wonderful 25th anniversary trip to Europe, I reaffirmed what a klutz I am by dropping a scooter on my foot. That’s not an easy task to accomplish but as my friends and family will ...
The Fate Series · 2M ago

Going to Sri Lanka for our new look

One of the goals mom and I have had for our series is to redo the covers to make them easier to view online and more attractive and modern in their looks. Design for a cover can be very expe...
The Fate Series · 3M ago

Ho ho freakin’ ho

I’m generally not a negative person, but this holiday has not been one of the finest for my family. So far: I crushed one of my feet in a Vespa accident while in Florence, Italy for my 25th ...
The Fate Series · 4M ago

Coming back ‘round in a very nice way

One of the features I really like about Facebook is what I’ll call the memory boomerang: Facebook sends out a reminder of a major event that occurred a year to five years ago. We were boomer...
The Fate Series · 5M ago

My baby goes to press

I woke up this morning with the feeling that I’d lost 100 pounds. If I’d actually lost 100 pounds, I would not have sprung out of bed the way I did—I’d have called the EMS and checked to see...
The Fate Series · 5M ago

Launch and Relaunch—The Fate Series Moves Forward

Mom and I have two exciting events coming down the pike. First, the fifth book of The Fate Series—Architect of Fate―should be out in the next few weeks. Architect of Fate is a two-year labor...
The Fate Series · 6M ago

A Blatant Ad for my Sister’s Book

Source: A Blatant Ad for my Sister’s Book
The Fate Series · 6M ago

A Blatant Ad for my Sister’s Book

The thing I hate most about being old is dealing with my own grouchiness. Sometimes I don’t even know what causes it. I’ll be in the middle of a million little tasks (okay, I exaggerate. I’m...
The Fate Series · 8M ago

The Subway Sandwich Generation

I’m a person who has child still living at home and an elderly mom who needs my care. According to the experts, that makes me an official member of the Sandwich Generation—I’m caught between...