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The Finch's Nest · 4W ago

'Tis Almost The Season: A journey of grief and healing

Today at the dental office where I work, I saw an elderly dementia patient clutching her little bag of freebies as if they were the greatest thing she ever received. Even when her daughter t...
The Finch's Nest · 1M ago

I Must Bloom

The other day, I glanced out my side door. A tree sits in my front yard dormant now for the upcoming winter. Some of that tree is hollowed out where countless birds and squirrels have made t...
The Finch's Nest · 1M ago

Terry's Halloween Gift

Dear Readers:Since Halloween is my family's favorite time of the year, I wanted to share part of a short story I'd written years ago which is included in my book "Reflections From my Mother'...
The Finch's Nest · 1M ago

Halloween Memories

 Halloween has always been one of our family's favorite holidays, for we are all big kids at heart.Take Mom for instance. The above photo is from last October twenty-eighth. I had been visit...
The Finch's Nest · 2M ago

A New Life

This past week I lost a beautiful friend. This woman knew the true meaning of kindness, gentleness, selflessness and love. She stood for what is good and right. She had a heart for God and h...
The Finch's Nest · 3M ago


We sat riveted to the television set yesterday and Facebook yesterday for Hurricane Irma updates. My husband's son, Michael, had decided to stay and ride it out with his beloved dog Ella. Th...
The Finch's Nest · 3M ago

Finding Myself

Daughter. Caregiver. Right now, I am neither of those. I can't seem to find who I am, this new person that feels isolated and alone. I miss my parents so much. They were a huge part of my li...
The Finch's Nest · 3M ago

Late Summer Memories

The Finch's Nest · 4M ago

I'm Not the Same

My goodness. Is it really one year almost to the day that Dad went into the hospital for a three week stay never to return home again? Has time passed that quickly as it has that sneaky way ...
The Finch's Nest · 4M ago

Best Memory

When the priest asked what my best memory of my mother was recently at the blessing service for her at the funeral home, it  didn't take me long to recall one for it was recent.What does one...