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The Finch's Nest · 3d ago

Late Summer Memories

The Finch's Nest · 2W ago

I'm Not the Same

My goodness. Is it really one year almost to the day that Dad went into the hospital for a three week stay never to return home again? Has time passed that quickly as it has that sneaky way ...
The Finch's Nest · 1M ago

Best Memory

When the priest asked what my best memory of my mother was recently at the blessing service for her at the funeral home, it  didn't take me long to recall one for it was recent.What does one...
The Finch's Nest · 1M ago

Another Place

I received a phone call this morning. Your mother is being sent to the emergency room. She's throwing up blood, and it doesn't look good. With legs that felt like iron weights, and hands tha...
The Finch's Nest · 1M ago

As The First Year Approaches

Wow, where has one year gone? For it was this very time last year that began defining what was going to happen very shortly. Who knew when Dad asked me for suspenders because his belt felt t...
The Finch's Nest · 2M ago

A Blossoming Friendship

When I opened my side door yesterday morning, the vibrant red cardinal flew to my porch railing. It's as if, on cue, his excellent bird hearing knows precisely what this sound means. Crumbs ...
The Finch's Nest · 2M ago

It's Never Too Late

Mom was never the warm and fuzzy type. Not a hugger or a kisser, but my brother and I knew we were loved and adored growing up. She showed her care in so many other ways; with the baked good...
The Finch's Nest · 3M ago

No Matter the Size

Been doing a lot of soul searching recently. When you lose a parent, and are faced with the loss of the other, life flashes before your eyes and your own health begins to matter in a way it ...
The Finch's Nest · 3M ago

Moving On

Do you know what I'm really missing most about my father right now? It's our inside jokes and all the sayings we had. It's the make believe language he made up, and the nonsense phrases he a...
The Finch's Nest · 4M ago

Easter Memories

They say that a scent is one of the most powerful tools for bringing back vivid memories. As I sit here typing in a most life-changing time of my family's journey, it is the aromas from the ...