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The Finch's Nest · 1d ago

Our Shining Star

Count your blessings, they say. Think positive. Easy enough for people who aren't going through major life changes or depression.I left for work this morning sulky and downcast. Though inspi...
The Finch's Nest · 1W ago

Small Stories to Touch the Soul

I have chosen Valentine's Day to share a few small stories that I hope will encourage and bless you. If you are a caregiver of an elderly family member, please know you are not alone. And kn...
The Finch's Nest · 1W ago

When Mom Found the Light

I've debated putting this story out there. It was difficult to go through and not easy to write about. Yet I feel that if it blesses someone, helps another person if they, too, are going thr...
The Finch's Nest · 2W ago

A Valentine Story

He made her a fresh pot of coffee. He headed out the door at seven a.m. most every day to buy her favorite jelly doughnut. He took her for car rides to a favorite spot; a small creek that ra...
The Finch's Nest · 3W ago

Quiet Man, Good Man

If there was a word to use to sum up Fred Rogers, the wonderful children's icon, to me it would be goodness. He exuded gentleness, kindness and an all-around goodness. With his soft voice, s...
The Finch's Nest · 1M ago

Keeping it real

I'm exhausted this week. Dog tired. Pooped even. It's been that kind of time in my life. I feel like a hamster in the proverbial spinning wheel, going ever round and round the same old way. ...
The Finch's Nest · 1M ago

Heartfelt, Inspirational, Free!

    My parents are a testimony to a great marriage, and my father's patience with Mom's failing memory touched my heart. Though we lost Dad only four short months ago, we are still finding l...
The Finch's Nest · 1M ago

A most creative reuniting

Social media can be a wonderful tool when wielded properly and in the right hands. Seriously, think about finding long lost cousins, uncles, aunts and friends. Think about how cool it is to ...
The Finch's Nest · 1M ago

Old-fashioned Escapism

The Finch's Nest · 2M ago

Stories of Christmas Past

It's funny. When certain times of the year arrive that evoke a very vivid memory, you can't help but go with it and let it take you where it will. Sometimes for good, and other times for muc...