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The Grass Minstrel tanka and other poems by jenny ward angyal

English - Tanka, Poetry, Haiku
The Grass Minstrel · 1Y ago

my book: moonlight on water

Skylark is delighted to introduce Jenny Ward Angyal's debut collection of tanka,tanka sequences and tanka prose:moonlight on waterJenny Ward Angyal’s long-awaited first collection of tanka, ...
The Grass Minstrel · 1Y ago

TSA Anthology 2016

News from the Tanka Society of America:~ 2016 Anthology:  We are pleased to announce plans for TSA’s 2016 members’ anthology to be published in the fall. The book will be co-edited by Jenny ...
The Grass Minstrel · 1Y ago


My mother used to sing to horses.  She claimed that “Get Me to the Church on Time” from My Fair Lady soothed the skittish buckskin mare. But when she sang in the presence of human beings, th...
The Grass Minstrel · 1Y ago


cold fog enveloping my worldBachpours from the radio the light of trumpets~GUSTS 21, spring/summer 2015cello concerto—no need for
The Grass Minstrel · 1Y ago

with cold lips

frost flowersmelting on the windowpane—my breatha passagewayamong the stars~Ribbons 11:1, winter 2015nine red birds
The Grass Minstrel · 1Y ago


sparrows in the hedgerowunheededI fall into stepwith the quick of their wings~cattails Jan. 2015in cold raina sparrow alightsfor a moment
The Grass Minstrel · 1Y ago

Eucalypt Distinctive Scribblings Awards

Eucalypt  The Distinctive Scribblings Awards             The Awards recognise two outstanding poems from each issue of Eucalypt,selected and appraised by winners of the Awards in the previou...
The Grass Minstrel · 1Y ago

TSA Tanka-Prose Contest Winners

Special-event Tanka Prose Contest WinnersThe Tanka Society of America is pleased to announce the winners of its first-ever tanka prose contest, held this 15th-anniversary year:
The Grass Minstrel · 1Y ago

Advent calendars

decadesof advent calendarsmy mother sent,each marked with its year . . .so many doors left open~A Hundred Gourds 4:2, March 2015
The Grass Minstrel · 2Y ago

the changeling

a stone angelsteps down from her pedestal—the burden of wings others want her to wear~A Hundred Gourds 4:2, March 2015the empty shell