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The Great Big Jump Now is the time. And we all know time.

English - Creativity, Writing
The Great Big Jump · 1W ago

Laying Low

And the hits just keep on coming...As I am writing this, I am recovering from an upper-respiratory infection, which was something that used to happen to me toward the end of every semester w...
The Great Big Jump · 2W ago

Confusing Times Ahead

I was going to post some short fiction here on the blog for this week, but the last few days have gotten crazy for me, and it's hard for me to talk about it without going into too much detai...
The Great Big Jump · 3W ago

Love Is Not A Mind Game

Dear people of the Philippines:Yes, I hear you. Single people. Married people. People in a relationship. I know how hard it is to find love and keep love. As a romance writer, it is my job t...
The Great Big Jump · 1M ago

A Change of Plans

I never thought I'd write about this so soon after going through my bimonthly goals, but here goes:I received some news about a project that I've been waiting to work on since the beginning ...
The Great Big Jump · 1M ago

Bimonthly Goals: May to June

ICYMI: Today's your last chance to get Crushingly Close for 99 cents on Amazon! Get it now!Hey guys, I was supposed to post this last week, but my sister and brother were here for my parents...
The Great Big Jump · 1M ago

Crushingly Close Sale: EXTENDED until May 14!

Hi all:In case you missed the sale for Crushingly Close, I've decided to extend the price promotion for another week!Now you can get Crushingly Close for 99 cents on Amazon until May 14, 201...
The Great Big Jump · 1M ago

PRICE DROP ALERT: Crushingly Close is On Sale!

Because May is my birthday month--and I'm celebrating a milestone birthday myself--I've decided to give you guys a little treat!Yes, the Kindle edition of Crushingly Close is on sale at Amaz...
The Great Big Jump · 2M ago

Blog Fiction: Twenty One

I got the idea for this short story from Shaelin Bishop (aka Shaelin Writes on YouTube) as part of a writing exercise for character development. In one of her writing exercises (downloadable...
The Great Big Jump · 2M ago

Happy Easter!

We wish you a happy and relaxing Easter weekend! New blog posts will resume next week.
The Great Big Jump · 2M ago

How To Comment on Somebody Else's Story (And Still Be an Awesome Person)

I'm at the beta read stage for two of my manuscripts, and so far I've been getting good feedback from my readers about things that stand out in my stories. At the same time, I've been giving...