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The Great Big Jump Now is the time. And we all know time.

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The Great Big Jump · 1d ago

PRICE DROP ALERT: Crushingly Close is On Sale!

Because May is my birthday month--and I'm celebrating a milestone birthday myself--I've decided to give you guys a little treat!Yes, the Kindle edition of Crushingly Close is on sale at Amaz...
The Great Big Jump · 1W ago

Blog Fiction: Twenty One

I got the idea for this short story from Shaelin Bishop (aka Shaelin Writes on YouTube) as part of a writing exercise for character development. In one of her writing exercises (downloadable...
The Great Big Jump · 2W ago

Happy Easter!

We wish you a happy and relaxing Easter weekend! New blog posts will resume next week.
The Great Big Jump · 3W ago

How To Comment on Somebody Else's Story (And Still Be an Awesome Person)

I'm at the beta read stage for two of my manuscripts, and so far I've been getting good feedback from my readers about things that stand out in my stories. At the same time, I've been giving...
The Great Big Jump · 4W ago

Better Than He Can: Or, Why Nice Guys Don't Finish At All

It's been a long time since I've posted a rant on this blog, and it just so happens that I've stumbled upon a topic that has been bothering me since I've started writing romance. And I have ...
The Great Big Jump · 1M ago

General Housekeeping: March 2017

My new Paperwhite, during its initial charging phase. (Sorry for the wonky photo quality here.) First of all, I'm sorry for not posting last week; it had been a chaotic weekend leading up to...
The Great Big Jump · 1M ago

Happy Endings and Other Complications

Atom Araullo, ladies and gentlemen. (Not my inspiration for Daniel, but you can see why he would.)My love of writing romance is well-documented on social media; I've been quite honest about ...
The Great Big Jump · 1M ago

Bimonthly Goals: March to April

*cue "Versace On The Floor"* Before I begin, let's look at how I did with my bimonthly goals for January and February, shall we?- Finish #romanceclass2017 manuscript: Done! I finished at aro...
The Great Big Jump · 2M ago

When Your Old Writing Haunts You

What my #NaNoWriMo2016 project looks like on Scrivener. (Not the manuscript in this story)Recently I had the chance to look at a manuscript that had been resting in my hard drive for months,...
The Great Big Jump · 2M ago

Time Management For Slackers

Source: pexels.comOne of the things I've been working on since the year started is using a planner to keep track of my days. I'll admit, during the first few days of the semester I was excit...