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The Immortal Realm New York Times Bestselling Author Dianne Duvall's Blog
The Immortal Realm · 1W ago

Favorite Quote Friday — Blade of Darkness Excerpt

Happy Friday!  Can you believe it's October already?  We had the most beautiful gray, rainy day earlier this week.  You know how I love gloomy days. ☺️ Now everything is blooming and looks j...
The Immortal Realm · 2W ago

Blade of Darkness Excerpt, News & Reviews

Happy Friday!  It's been another exciting week! Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you for making Blade of Darkness a USA Today Bestseller!!!  I know this wasn't my first indie release, but it wa...
The Immortal Realm · 3W ago

Blade of Darkness—Excerpt, Giveaway & Reviews

Happy Friday! As you've probably guessed, it's been a very exciting week. :-) Thank you for making Blade of Darkness a #1 Amazon Bestseller both here and in Canada!  You're the best! You rea...
The Immortal Realm · 3W ago

It's Release Day for Blade of Darkness!

Blade of Darkness is LIVE!  That's right—Aidan and Dana's story is now available in paperback, eBook and audiobook! Woohoo!! ebookKindle • Nook • Kobo • iBooks 
Kat Valentine
Kat  Love this cover!
The Immortal Realm · 4W ago

Blade of Darkness Countdown

Happy Friday. The countdown has begun!Only four days to go until the release of Blade of Darkness, Immortal Guardians Book 7. I'm so excited!! And nervous. LOL. I hope you'll all enjoy Aidan...
The Immortal Realm · 1M ago

Blade of Darkness—Giveaways, Giveaways, & More Giveaways

Hi, all!  I'm back.  And I have lots of Blade of Darkness news for you.  :-)Mail and package delivery has resumed in my area, but remains sketchy as a result of lingering flooding from Harve...
The Immortal Realm · 1M ago

A Quick Note

Hi, all.  I won't be doing my usual Favorite Quote Friday post today.  I'm just not in the right mindset.  If you've been watching the news, then you've seen the devastation Harvey has wroug...
The Immortal Realm · 1M ago

Blade of Darkness—Favorite Quote Friday

Happy Friday! September 19, 2017Tuesday marked the One Month To Go point for Blade of Darkness's release.  I celebrated with a fun giveaway over on My Facebook Page.  Congrats again to Rache...
The Immortal Realm · 1M ago

Blade of Darkness News & Favorite Quote Friday

Happy Friday!!  I have exciting news for paperback lovers.Blade of Darkness is now available for Pre-Order in paperback!  Woohoo!!  The audiobook CD is also available for Pre-Order.  I expec...
The Immortal Realm · 2M ago

Blade of Darkness—Sneak Peek, Giveaway & More

Hi, all!  This has been a very long week. But we did get another thunder-booming downpour.  :-D  This one lasted at least a couple of hours.  Such a stress-reliever.  Having the same weather...