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The Journey an ordinary Lancashire lass on an extraordinary journey in L

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The Journey · 6d ago

Harvesting between the showers

A barrowful of potatoes, fairly blight free, scab free, wormholefree and fork hole freeThe seasonal cycle turns and another milestone of the year passes. We are heading into autumn and so  h...
The Journey · 2W ago


A soggy Mari. I will be glad when her hair grows back, itwill look much better. Still it had to be done to get out allthe muck out from the top of her headThe weather at the moment is dreich...
The Journey · 3W ago

We get there eventually

Frederiks looking all fluffy. He looks like he is going to be agood fleece producer, at least in quantity.Well here I am again posting a late blog. The reasons for yesterdays non-post was an...
The Journey · 3W ago

A change of plan

again......This is getting to be a rather regular feature, but for those of you who do follow me on a Monday evening or whatever time it is where you are, once again sorry but due to a last ...
The Journey · 4W ago

All finished?

The last of the bales stacked for winter. A bit wetter than theyshould be, but they will be used firstWell haymaking is finished, that is for sure. We finished collecting and stacking the la...
The Journey · 1M ago


Spot the errant chicksLast week I forgot to mention the escaping animals. We have the regular escapes by the chicks, but that is normal at this stage as they are getting bigger and can eithe...
The Journey · 1M ago

Oh so quiet!

Day one of our felting course. Although the day was brightthe wind meant we had to keep the door shut until thewool was wetted Our farm has a certain quietness about it today. We were visite...
The Journey · 1M ago

Poland and back

I don't have any pictures of Krakow, but I do of thewonderful Polish countryside.The conference was good and there was no real drama apart from trying to finish my presentation in the sessio...
The Journey · 1M ago

Haymaking time!

Always start with the cutest alpaca photo :)Oh gosh! Time flies again and I will have to write a blog covering two weeks in two parts, so here is the first instalment. In someways there is n...
The Journey · 1M ago

Sorry yet again

I'm at a conference and didn't have much time to write because the Internet in the hostel is incredibly slow