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The Journey an ordinary Lancashire lass on an extraordinary journey in L

English - Faith, Life, Random Thoughts
The Journey · 4d ago

Home again!

This might not look the most exciting picture of theyear, but it is to us. It shows we have more grass thanlast year and so potentially much more hay. We willjust need some dry weather after...
The Journey · 1w ago

Part 2

RigaI'm slowly catching up with my adventures over the last few weeks. It has been a hectic time and not letting up just yet. I am away at the moment too. Still I have a few quiet moments to...
The Journey · 1W ago

Now where do I begin? Part 1

Shadows of their former selvesWell the last two weeks have been a bit of a whirl and so this will be a blog in two parts. For those who follow our Facebook page you will know we finally got ...
The Journey · 2W ago

Having fun!

Well the post will be late once again, not sure if it will be posted tomorrow or next week. Just to say thought I have had a lot of fun guiding people around Riga an we are off for some felt...
The Journey · 3W ago

Still waiting

Early morning sunshineGosh it has been busy this week. I half expected a Masters thesis to land in my lap to mark, so to speak and sure enough it did. There was not much time to mark it as i...
The Journey · 3W ago


The blog will not be out tonight, we have some meat to deal with and it won't wait. One of the disadvantages of winter disappearing.
The Journey · 4W ago

Spring! Finally!

Bird cherry floweringIt finally feels like spring. We haven't had frosts for a few days now, some days have been quite warm indeed, actually more like summer. The cold northerly winds on oth...
The Journey · 1M ago

A good week

Sunshine and showers along with some warmer weatherIt is those little miracles in life that help. We started off by getting three important things done whilst in the big town. We finally got...
The Journey · 1M ago

So close!

You can tell we are heading into summer with where the sunsets. So different to mid winter. This was also taken afterthe light snow shower and after 9pm. Not a sky promisinggood weather tomo...
The Journey · 1M ago

More spring than winter!

A gorgeous sunset tonight, so hopefully another sunny daytomorrow. I hope the wind dies down a bit but I doubt it. Theonly good thing about the cold wind, it is drying out theground after al...