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The Knitting Quilter · 1d ago

Gifts and FMQ

Oops, I bought more Christmas fabric! I just couldn't resist! The sales are so good right now that I just had to buy a yard, or two!! I do have a few more gifts to make so I suppose I needed...
The Knitting Quilter · 5d ago

On Ringo Lake, Part 3

Here is half of Part 3 of the On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt. Boy, this one seems to be taking forever! They're very similar to the flying geese but there's lots of measuring and trimming. They...
The Knitting Quilter · 1W ago

Christmas Gifts

       I've been so busy and I'm still working on making just a few more Christmas gifts. Why don't I ever start early?? Between work and the house, I never seem to have enough time! Anyways...
The Knitting Quilter · 1W ago

On Ringo Lake Mystery, Part 2

As you can see, Part 2 of On Ringo Lake Mystery is flying geese! Lots of them! Bonnie Hunter gave us a few different methods of making these blocks. I chose the old fashioned sew and flip. I...
The Knitting Quilter · 2W ago

On Ringo Lake Clue #1

These are the blocks I just completed for the new Quiltville Mystery, On Ringo Lake. I've always wanted to take part in one of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilts so I decided to go for it! I'm c...
The Knitting Quilter · 3W ago

Two Finishes

I finished these mittens a few days ago. I ended up giving them to my mother. My brother bought her some type of hand warmers and she thought mittens would be perfect. I was going to wait fo...
The Knitting Quilter · 3W ago

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm late getting this out. It was my turn to work so I've been gone all day. I tried posting last night but Blogger was not cooperating. Hope you all had an enjoyable hol...
The Knitting Quilter · 3W ago

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your dinner and your loved ones! (I heard calories don't count tomorrow!!)
The Knitting Quilter · 3W ago

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Knitting Quilter · 4W ago

Log Cabin for Christmas

The Log Cabin for my neighbor is done! I'll call her at the beginning of the week to give her the good news. She wanted to have it for Christmas so she could give it to her daughter. I'm hap...