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The Lexicans · 9h ago

This could be a problem

By lex, on May 29th, 2008   Perceptions shape reality: * When U.S. Navy officials tell Congress they have confidence in their shipbuilding cost projections, lawmakers don’t believe them. Whe...
The Lexicans · 13h ago

Money Talks

Posted by Lex, on February 18, 2008   We were fortunate that Al Gore resided in the US when he invented the Internet: Being first kids on the block, our infrastructure built out more rapidly...
The Lexicans · 13h ago

Cause or Effect

Posted by Lex, on October 1, 2010 Speaking at Duke University, Defense Secretary Robert Gates bewails the increasingly narrow strata of society  * from whence our volunteer military is drawn...
The Lexicans · 1d ago


Posted by Lex, on September 24, 2010   You’ve got some ‘splaining to do… * Back story here: Two Navy helicopters from North Island Naval Air Station were damaged, and their pilots are now gr...
The Lexicans · 1d ago

Tailhooker’s Prayer

By Lex, on September 22, 2010   (Ed [from lex] – An oldie but goodie) In the Beginning, God created the heavens, and the Aircraft Carrier, and the seas upon which to float it; and yet there ...
The Lexicans · 1d ago

Bad Form

By lex, on April 22, 2008   Buckethead John has the tale of a reserve Navy lieutenant who refused orders to go on an individual augment, including the reaction of another junior officer alre...
The Lexicans · 1d ago

Cue Judy Garland

by Lex, on September 23, 2010 Serendipitous, or merely tasteful?   Back To The Index   
The Lexicans · 1d ago

The Internet

Posted by Lex, on September 24, 2010 It’s passing strange, and nearly magical, how different circles can intersect.   Back To The Index
The Lexicans · 1d ago


Posted by Lex, on September 16, 2010   Are you a reform minded political candidate who thinks that shaking up a school system ranked 13th out of 18 among major urban districts despite placin...
The Lexicans · 2d ago

The Yardstick and the Clock

Posted by Lex, on September 17, 2010   Peggy Noonan writes one of her better recent op-eds on the meaning and rise of the Tea Party movement in the US. First the yardstick: Imagine that over...