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The Mind of Dan Perlman I'm like olives, you gotta learn to like me.

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The Mind of Dan Perlman · 2M ago

The Book Stack #7

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?! Let’s take a peak at a little of what’s come and gone on the reading pile. The Sam Reilly Collection, Christopher Cartwright A trio of... Read more >
The Mind of Dan Perlman · 4M ago

Newsflash! Cookbook Update

Mixed good and bad news on our new cookbook, Eat Salt. First the bad – it turns out that Amazon’s print-on-demand service, CreateSpace, doesn’t offer the kind of paper the book... Read more ...
The Mind of Dan Perlman · 5M ago

Eat Salt

It’s here…!   Eat Salt: archaic rural expression meaning to be someone’s guest, to share their table “The first cookbook from Dan Perlman, chef and co-owner of the famed Casa SaltShaker,... ...
The Mind of Dan Perlman · 5M ago

The Book Stack #6

Continuing with some more fantasy, and a bit of other…. My Tender Matador / Tengo Miedo Torero, Pedro Lemebel, September 2002, Translator: Katherine Silver Let’s start outside the realm of.....
The Mind of Dan Perlman · 7M ago

The Book Stack #5

Okay, I’ve gotten way behind on this. I’m going to start with the last few rounds of fantasy series. I’m still working my way through this buzzfeed list. Peter V.... Read more >
The Mind of Dan Perlman · 9M ago

R.I.P. Andrew, For Realz, This Time

So, I’m getting kind of a re-do here. I find myself writing a little tribute to my friend Andrew Martin, a eulogy of sorts. But I’m writing it for the... Read more >
The Mind of Dan Perlman · 11M ago

The Book Stack #4

The brunt of my reading over the last many weeks since my last post (and it actually started before that last post) was binge reading through Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files... Read more >
The Mind of Dan Perlman · 1Y ago

The Book Stack #3

A selection of what I’ve been reading (minus, in general, food and cooking related books, which I tend to review separately, and over on my SaltShaker blog). Bacigalupi, Paolo (May... Read m...
The Mind of Dan Perlman · 11M ago

Salta, La Linda

Henry and I just spent a trio of days up in Salta and the area north of there, in the far northwest of the country. It’s the first time we’ve... Read more >
The Mind of Dan Perlman · 11M ago

A January in My Life

A friend challenged me to take a short video every day and create a little “collage” for a month. It was an interesting project, not one I plan to continue,... Read more >