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The Mjaco Blog · 6d ago

2017-04-20 Progress This Week

This mail got my attention. It was from one of the traffic exchanges which I’m a member of. I have heard this before I think both you and I...
The Mjaco Blog · 1W ago

Banned Cryptocurrency Related Sites.

I think this could be of great interest to you. Especially those who are involved in cryptocurrency. As I always say, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is a minefield for us...
The Mjaco Blog · 1W ago

2017-04-13 Progress This Week

This week I collected small fractions of cryptocurrency from the different online wallets I have to invest those into Chilly Bot. Better to let those coins work and grow....
The Mjaco Blog · 2W ago

New Solo Ad Exchange

I got this today from my friend Charles. “I am proud to announce that I will be co-owner of a new solo ad exchange called Solo Missiles. My partner...
The Mjaco Blog · 2W ago

Clare Bowen’s Site Just Launched! Now in Bonus AREA!

  Clare Bowen has just launched her new mailer Trend Mails Clare has done a great job with harmony mails and I know this is going to be...
The Mjaco Blog · 2W ago

2017-04-06 Progress This Week

I’m amazed how much valuable information I find in Online Sales Pro and Easy1Up. It’s an educational bomb. I really have to set off time to go through all...
The Mjaco Blog · 3W ago

March background picture

March 2018. At last some spring in southern Sweden. So this is the background picture of the month from my garden.
The Mjaco Blog · 3W ago

The Tuesday Noob Night Podcast

It’s time for another Noob Night Podcast exclusively on @Dsound with Jon Olson Listen HERE. They dove into topics such as; The Steem / Market Bounce Back Wall Street...
The Mjaco Blog · 3W ago

2017-03-30 Progress This Week

I still find slamming your ad at a few places are the best way to expose your ads. The old school said. Open ten to twelve traffic exchanges in your […]
The Mjaco Blog · 4W ago

I Bought My First Hash Power Today At Chilly Bot

This is a real Cloud Mining program. And it’s part of Bitcoin Bully with Jon Olson so it feels safe to use. Otherwise all with crypto currency today it’s like […]