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The Mouth of Serpent Everything begins and ends in the mouth of serpent…

English - Fantasy, Quest, Friendship
The Mouth of Serpent · 10M ago

‘I Sensed The Unwanted Guest Was Somewhere There’

I was playing a dangerous game with my body, I felt it was getting too little air to breathe but I was almost done, just a small area on the edge of forest was left. My body began to tremble...
The Mouth of Serpent · 12M ago

‘She Does Not Normally Come To Strangers’

A small black kitten was sitting on the fence, observing the life around carefully. When her eyes reached mine, she curled up and looked at me even more intently. But then she straightened u...
The Mouth of Serpent · 1Y ago

‘You Have An Unexpected Guest In Your Forest’

‘So did you find any traces when you were exploring the forest?’ ‘I did. Not the ones the villagers would think of, though.’ ‘They did not seem like hybrid or animal ones, did they?’, I gues...
The Mouth of Serpent · 1Y ago

Something Different Today

This time it is not about The Mouth of Serpent but some other blogs that I create (which influence my storytelling, too). If you wish, please click the links, these sites are not exactly abo...
The Mouth of Serpent · 1Y ago

‘I Don’t Like People Walking Behind Me’

‘I don’t like people walking behind me.’ She frowned and answered angrily, ‘That is not my problem.’ ‘I am not proceeding till I can keep my eye on you.’ ‘In that case I will return the way ...
The Mouth of Serpent · 1Y ago

‘May I know your name, Lady of the Forest?’

He bowed his head before me ironically and said ‘May I know your name, Lady of the Forest?’ ‘Ailintho. Ailintho Kernal, member of the Druid Council’ ‘Nice to meet you, Ailintho’, his pretty,...
The Mouth of Serpent · 1Y ago

The Map of Noia

I am posting this very basic and makeshift map of Noia. The plot is taking place on one huge continent called Noia in two lands Esselen and Theria, the druids seat and the temple are marked ...
The Mouth of Serpent · 1Y ago

‘From the corner of my eye I saw a person come out of the woods’

Chapter 1 (3)
The Mouth of Serpent · 1Y ago

“We Had a Recent Case of Disappearances, Townspeople Are Worried”

Chapter 1 (2)
The Mouth of Serpent · 1Y ago


I have to take a short break in publishing The Mouth of Serpent due to some life changes that I am going through but when the conditions are more favourable, I will return. I will also post ...