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The New Duckie Club · 2M ago

@Manxington Is Back!

Manxington and Grimy Duck are back!!!Rejoin us back at the original blog.I'll be posting new duckie photos as you submit them. There will be a video.YAY!!!The Duckie Club
The New Duckie Club · 2M ago

#TheDuckieClub Mr. Breeze and Sir Francis Duck

I haz a duckie!Mr. Breeze and Sir Francis DuckI love my duckie @SirFrancisDuck. Da lady gave him to me so I don't wrassle da sisfurs so much. Dey ANCIENT! He norty so da lady don't let him t...
The New Duckie Club · 2M ago

Welcome to the Duckie Club!

What, you may ask, is the Duckie Club?@Manxington and @GrimyDuck,Founders.In 2009 on twitter a cat named @Manxington began extolling the virtues of his favorite cat toy, @GrimyDuck. Grimy Du...