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The Reagan Review · 4d ago

2 Peter and Jude (IVPNT) by Harvey and Towner

Robert Harvey and Philip Towner joined forces to contribute this commentary on the similar letters of 2 Peter and Jude in the IVP New Testament Commentary (IVPNT) series. Mr. Towner has also...
The Reagan Review · 5d ago

2 Great Books on the Doctrine of Christ

The Message of the Person of Christ by Robert Letham This book by Robert Letham on the message and Person of Christ is in the well -received Bible Speaks Today (BST) series edited by Derek T...
The Reagan Review · 6d ago

Exodus (EEC) by Eugene Carpenter–Two Great Volumes

Volume 1 Volume 1 in Eugene Carpenter’s two-volume set on Exodus in the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary (EEC) series covers Exodus 1 – 18. I heard discussion as far back as 2003 of a comin...
The Reagan Review · 1w ago

Transforming Grace by Jerry Bridges

Jerry Bridges has a way of writing that requires you to deeply search your heart. While this volume might not be as famous as a few others he has written, it’s still a bestseller with good r...
The Reagan Review · 1W ago

The Expositor’s Bible Commentary (Rev. Ed.)-Volume 7: Jeremiah-Ezekiel

Volume 7 of the Expositor’s Bible Commentary (EBC), Revised Edition, covers from Jeremiah through Ezekiel, and is another successful updating in the beloved series. This volume contains two ...
The Reagan Review · 1W ago

Guns, Mass Killings, and an Article that Makes Sense of It

We live on the superficial edges of the debate about what conclusions we should draw for the increasingly common disasters like occurred in Las Vegas. Within  hours of the heartbreaking trag...
The Reagan Review · 1W ago

Evangelical Theology by Michael Bird

Michael Bird has found a niche in the world of systematic theologies. His title explains where he’s coming from. He is striving to provide a “genuinely evangelical theology textbook”. While ...
The Reagan Review · 2W ago

Deuteronomy by Jack Lundbom

The Reagan Review · 2W ago

Faith and Reason by Henri Blocher

Henri Blocher is a respected theologian who delivers here what he calls “a primer on apologetics”. Though I would disagree with him on a few points, he gives much wonderful fodder for the te...
The Reagan Review · 2W ago

Satellite Bible Atlas by Schlegel

This Bible Atlas is extraordinary. I’m a Bible Atlas nut, and own most all Bible atlases in print today. Somehow, I had missed this one until now. I’m so impressed with this volume, that if ...