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The Reporter and The Girl · 2M ago

It’s All Part of the Process

I didn't do as well on my oral assessment and need to revise my chapter. However, guess who is having a terrible time dealing with it?
The Reporter and The Girl · 4M ago

Responding to Dan Jones’ Commentary on the Las Vegas Shooting

The problem with mass shootings and violence in America has less to do with "people fetishizing the second amendment" and is really about our democratic processes failing.
The Reporter and The Girl · 4M ago

Turning a New Leaf

Autumn is officially here and while some are raving about the latest new haircuts and pumpkin-spiced donuts. I reflect on what it means to be in London again.
The Reporter and The Girl · 5M ago


Hi, Do you remember me? It has been a couple months since I posted and so much has happened that I’m not too sure where to start. I came back to London a week and a half ago, but feel differ...
The Reporter and The Girl · 8M ago


Wow, I have been MIA for April and May and for that I truly apologize. When I first came to West Africa I was so fraught about the poor telecommunication systems here and not being able to c...
The Reporter and The Girl · 10M ago

Obstacles in Development

Hey there world, what have you been up to since I left? I know the U.S. and the U.K are still turning on its head, despite me being out of the loop on day-to-day news. Meanwhile, I have move...
The Reporter and The Girl · 1Y ago

The Fear of…Everything

Keeping an eye an out for danger is something everyone should do. I wasn’t scared about traveling to West Africa, despite the many stories I heard. There is danger everywhere and having live...
The Reporter and The Girl · 1Y ago

Love at First Flight

Good day, smut readers! This is my first post whilst on my trip in West Africa. For those of you who follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter, then you know that I have been posting photos and s...
The Reporter and The Girl · 1Y ago

Ringing in 2017 (finally)

Hello World! Those of you may remember the WordPress template greeting for your very first blog post, this is my first post in quite awhile. It seems when we last connected, I was lamenting ...
The Reporter and The Girl · 1Y ago

Jingle Bells Batman Smells

The countdown begins, not that I haven’t already been counting the days before I leave the United Kingdom. It seems that for almost two months, I had been trying “to prepare,” however that f...