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The Slow Lane · 1M ago

Two sickies in the house

Thank goodness for Ocado deliveries.Last week it was Dave in the onion van - wonder who it will be tomorrow?Could do with an Ocado version of dog-player.
The Slow Lane · 2M ago

Valentine's Day flowers

and cards are still with us, seven days later.Unfortunately
The Slow Lane · 5M ago

Hitchin Remembers

Thank you to JP Asher for the following report in today's Comet 24Hundreds turned out on Saturday for a celebration of crafts in Hitchin – featuring a display of knitted poppies honouring th...
The Slow Lane · 5M ago


A Capella. No instruments, just the voice of Midge Ure and the amazing talent of Sons of Pitches
The Slow Lane · 8M ago

Summer is back

although nature seems to be in Autumn already.Blackberries @Stanwick LakesThe blackberries are almost all gone. This speckled wood butterfly is feasting on the last of the ripe berries.Elder...
The Slow Lane · 11M ago

Some things which were lost and some things which were found

MWNN and I are slowly getting the 'stuff' which was displaced re-integrated (or dumped, given to charity, swapped) into its correct storage space.Some things, which we thought were gone, hav...
The Slow Lane · 11M ago

Progress and set-backs

The trip to Norwich for MWNN's cataract operation was beset with difficulties. The actual op. was very successful, and MWNN is planning a re-run on the other eye soon.One of the problems we ...
The Slow Lane · 1Y ago

More boats

MWNN, Ron, and I spent a night onboard last week, to escape the clutter of the house and avail of the good weather.We also managed to reorganise some of the boat's storage spaces and create ...
The Slow Lane · 1Y ago

Mothering Sunday

Today, it being Mothering Sunday, there was a delivery from the local florists. Thank you Kate and Norm for these gorgeous blooms. The day has long been associated with mothers and family...
The Slow Lane · 1Y ago

Introducing a Limited Edition of

the Three Tenors  BunniesRileyRawdon