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The Slow Lane · 2W ago

More boats

MWNN, Ron, and I spent a night onboard last week, to escape the clutter of the house and avail of the good weather.We also managed to reorganise some of the boat's storage spaces and create ...
The Slow Lane · 1M ago

Mothering Sunday

Today, it being Mothering Sunday, there was a delivery from the local florists. Thank you Kate and Norm for these gorgeous blooms. The day has long been associated with mothers and family...
The Slow Lane · 1M ago

Introducing a Limited Edition of

the Three Tenors  BunniesRileyRawdon
The Slow Lane · 1M ago

Summer Lady

Today is the Vernal Equinox, the first day of Spring. What better way to celebrate than by sharing the collaboration of Steeleye Span and Terry Pratchett.From the Wintersmith AlbumThe Summer...
The Slow Lane · 1M ago

Last morning in Southwold

dawned bright and beautiful.After breakfast, I walked Ron down to the beach while MWNN finished his packing.Took a picture of the 2nd holiday cottage of this trip (first pink cottage on the ...
The Slow Lane · 1M ago

March 1st 2017

St David's Day, Ash Wednesday, and the 48th anniversaryof the day MWNN and I became a couple.The day began with the exchange of gifts before breakfast.MWNN had an appointment at 12.00. After...
The Slow Lane · 2M ago

Work in Progress

Don’t worry: being human is designed to be a work in progress~Dan McCarthyToday is the 47th anniversary of the day MWNN and I were married, at Liverpool Registry Office, almost one year exac...
The Slow Lane · 2M ago

Saturday Morning Walk

with Ron,to Walsworth Commonaround the Common to the beginning of the nature reserve pond area,along the river Purwell, to the Mill Stream Pub.
The Slow Lane · 2M ago

The Return of

the Jedi    Meercat.I thought I caught a glimpse of Baby Oleg in a new advert, in December, and promptly forgot all about it.It popped up on my Youtube space this morning.Could this herald t...
The Slow Lane · 2M ago

Farmer's Market

 I went there this morning to buy vegetables.The stall holders pressed us to sample some of their wares.And I fell in love with the Millwhites Original Scrumpy.MWNN was reluctant to try the ...