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The Thoughts of Chairman Bill · 11h ago


Overheard while trying to find the right path in Lower Woods Nature Reserve yesterday:Hay: "There's another path over there."Chairman: "Yes, there are two paths you can go by..."Hay: "But in...
The Thoughts of Chairman Bill · 18h ago

Next Election

Mrs May has staked out her wares in the elections game by declaring the Tories as the party of low taxation; however, the irony is that the NHS and care for our elderly are under intense pre...
The Thoughts of Chairman Bill · 1d ago

The Village Hall Comedy Night

Spent yesterday evening preparing the Village Hall for our annual Village Comedy Night tonight. Three course meal and a couple of hours of ribald fun for £25 a head - bargain! Hay, unfortuna...
The Thoughts of Chairman Bill · 2d ago

Tech Update

Well, I received the Galaxy S8 Plus yesterday morning. I've jumped from a Galaxy Note 4 to a Galaxy S8 Plus by way of a Galaxy S7 Egde within 7 months, but I don't really notice much of a di...
The Thoughts of Chairman Bill · 3d ago

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Remember that hardware issue I had with a 6 month old Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that I'd rooted and flashed with Android Nougat? Well, after submitting a letter to Vodafone whereby I  informed ...
The Thoughts of Chairman Bill · 3d ago

Hypocritical Shopping for a Flying Reliant Robin

Last month Mrs May said; "Another Scottish Independence referendum at this time will detract from the Brexit negotiations." What will a General Election do? I smell the overwhelming stench o...
The Thoughts of Chairman Bill · 3d ago

Welsh Wales

We took a trip to the Monmouth and Brecon Canal yesterday to relive our wonderful holiday there a couple of years ago by walking a stretch of it and visiting a few of the towns and villages ...
The Thoughts of Chairman Bill · 6d ago

Sunday Evening

I sometimes don't like Easter - OK, so you get two days of that Friday evening feeling, but you pay for it by having that Sunday evening feeling  twice too.
The Thoughts of Chairman Bill · 1w ago

Easter Date

We keep moving our Early Spring Bank Holiday, specifically developed to honour the very important banking industry and the cultural impact it has had on all our lives, and Christians keep mo...
The Thoughts of Chairman Bill · 1W ago

The Grammar Question

One of my hobby horses, the grammar / comprehensive argument, is in the news once more.Advocates of the grammar school system maintain it gives brighter pupils the chance to advance quicker ...