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The Vundablog · 2d ago

Kliq Bait: Top Ten WWE Matches of 2017

Overall, 2017 wasn't a particularly good year for WWE. Not a lot of memorable stories or exciting moments. But what there was was a whole lot of great wrestling. As bad as the booking and st...
The Vundablog · 6d ago

The Last Jedi by Reylo Johnson Part 1

Hosts: Stephen, Danielle, & D-RockA new era begins with some good old fashioned Star Wars discussion. D-rock espouses about Revenge of the Sith, Stephen awes at Luke Skywalker's life, and th...
The Vundablog · 2W ago

VUNDACAST Ch 100 The Trials of Trivia Returns

Hosts: Stephen, and Game Goulet (aka Stephen doing Will Ferrel's Robert Goulet Impression with a Triple H mask on)Competitors: Danielle aka Chicken Nugget aka the Co-Hortress, Derrick aka ...
The Vundablog · 3W ago


20 years ago this week, the world was introduced to Festivus. A magical time of feats of strength and airing of grievances. A time without consumerism or distracting tinsel. A time for mirac...
The Vundablog · 3W ago

Vundacast Ch 99 DCFU Justice League the Movie!!

Hosts: Stephen, and Mr. JMr. J and Stephen finally process the events depicted in Justice League and how the DC film Universe has evolved and what we enjoy from it.Follow and Like us onInsta...
The Vundablog · 1M ago

Vundacast ch 98 Whedon is not your Big Bad

Hosts: Stephen & Danielle Dogs: Duke, Xena, Morty, & Rusty Stephen & his co-hortress Danielle try to plea for peace in the Great War of Marvel vs. DC. Follow and Like us Instagram @vundablo...
The Vundablog · 1M ago

80's Nerd Out: Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine Retrospective

Junk Ball Media is the DeLorean of nerdy informational videos- Stephen host of the Vundacast
The Vundablog · 1M ago

Vundacast Ch. 97 A wHOLE lot of 2017 Movie Talkin'

Hosts: Stephen, & AndresAnimal noises and disturbances by: Xena, Duke, Morty, Rusty, and R2D2 the Timbrado CanaryStephen and Andres reunite post Hurricane Irma and discuss their summer film ...
The Vundablog · 1M ago

80's Nerd Out: GREMLINS — Behind The Scenes

Joe Dante selling this boy on a Christmas release is adorable. - Stephen host of the Vundacast
The Vundablog · 2M ago


This is not a drill, people. Lucha Underground Season Four is a GO! Not only that, but we also now have confirmation of the HUGE news that at least one person who has been heavily rumored to...