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Girl Gone Travel Travel and Food Adventures

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Girl Gone Travel · 4d ago

For as far as it has come, travel media needs to do better

For all the changes that have happened in the last decade, when it comes to diversity in travel media, we still have a long way to go.
Girl Gone Travel · 1w ago

Lessons learned in my first year of homeschooling

This week marks one year since I took my kids out of school just a few days shy of their official end-of-year date. We headed off on a volunteerism trip  to the Dominican Republic, which was...
Girl Gone Travel · 2W ago

Coney Island, a beloved part of New York history

There are certain things about Brooklyn that still make me smile: a pizza slice from Johnny’s on 5th avenue in Sunset Park, the Manhattan skyline from Sunset Park, riding the F train to the ...
Girl Gone Travel · 3W ago

Family vacation, unplugged in Woodstock, VT

For a little pick-me-up and soup for the soul, simply choose an unplugged vacation.
Girl Gone Travel · 1M ago

Travel choices: When ethics, community solidarity, and ambition for personal growth collide

Travel is personal to me, as it should be to you.
Girl Gone Travel · 1M ago

Making the case for the “newbie” blogger

We all started somewhere. But it is how we move forward that matters most.
Girl Gone Travel · 2M ago

Romantic weekend getaway to the Hamptons, off-season

Escaping the noise with a romantic weekend getaway to the Hamptons during the off-season.
Girl Gone Travel · 2M ago

Finding the best of Jerusalem

With only a few days to spare, I made it my goal to find the best of Jerusalem. And I did.
Girl Gone Travel · 2M ago

The awakening that is Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel, Bethlehem, Palestine

A trip into Bethlehem, Palestine and a powerful awakening through art.
Girl Gone Travel · 3M ago

Road Tripping in Los Angeles

Road Tripping in Los Angeles.