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Girl Gone Travel Travel and Food Adventures

English - Food, Nyc, Travel
Girl Gone Travel · 2d ago

London: A Kid’s View

A child's photography shows us the beauty of London.
Girl Gone Travel · 1M ago

When travel alone isn’t the answer

Travel as a form of escapism from our reality can only do but so much. Sometimes, you just have to be present. Sometimes, you just need to be still.
Girl Gone Travel · 4M ago

Seeing London for the first time

There are many reasons to love London, England. Here are some of mine.
Girl Gone Travel · 5M ago

Return to the Finger Lakes Wine Country, NY

One of the places that I have continuously returned to over the years and still manage to find something new, is at the Finger Lakes, NY.
Girl Gone Travel · 6M ago

We cannot escape this

Go on that vacation, but remember, you being gone won't mean the fight is over.
Girl Gone Travel · 7M ago

How blogging has motivated me to keep my young kids off of social media

In a world ruled by social media, I work to keep my kids offline.
Girl Gone Travel · 7M ago

Fun-filled summer vacation at Massey’s Landing in Delaware

Road trip to Southern Delaware and a fun-filled family vacation.
Girl Gone Travel · 8M ago

For as far as it has come, travel media needs to do better

For all the changes that have happened in the last decade, when it comes to diversity in travel media, we still have a long way to go.
Girl Gone Travel · 8M ago

Lessons learned in my first year of homeschooling

This week marks one year since I took my kids out of school just a few days shy of their official end-of-year date. We headed off on a volunteerism trip  to the Dominican Republic, which was...
Girl Gone Travel · 8M ago

Coney Island, a beloved part of New York history

There are certain things about Brooklyn that still make me smile: a pizza slice from Johnny’s on 5th avenue in Sunset Park, the Manhattan skyline from Sunset Park, riding the F train to the ...