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The Anglican Breviary · 1d ago

Destruction of Advent

Advent. The season of great and ancient spiritual resources. a season of expectation and preparation. And for me, … a season in which The Book of Common Prayer fails me the most. It has remo...
The Anglican Breviary · 4W ago

To use or not to use …?

The Book of Common Prayer that is. In his recent blog post Why I don’t use the Book of Common Prayer Father Jonathan Munn gave his thoughts regarding his own customs for Mass and the Divine ...
The Anglican Breviary · 2M ago

Nativity of the BVM (at Lauds)

The Diurnal as edited by St. John Mason Neale has some remarkable deviations from the Office as we know it from the Anglican Breviary. Comparing the two, as we did with Vespers, may enrich o...
The Anglican Breviary · 2M ago

Nativity of the B.V.M.

The Diurnal in the edition based on the work St. John Mason Neale directs one to use the propers from the feast of the Conception of the BVM. There we find the following propers for tonight:...
The Anglican Breviary · 2M ago

Beheading of St. John Baptist & Commemoration of St. Sabina

Lessons selected from the II & III Nocturn: Lesson iv: We must not hurry past the record of blessed Baptist John.  We must ask what he was; by whom he was slain; and why and how.  He was a r...
The Anglican Breviary · 3M ago

St. Symphorian & Autumn

Today: the Octave Day of the Repose of the Blessed Virgin Mary & the Commemoration of Sts. Timothy, Hippolytus, and Symphorian. Liturgy tells time. St. Symphorian, in previous times, indicat...
The Anglican Breviary · 3M ago

On the Psalter in the Western Church

The Anglican Breviary · 3M ago

The Divine Office in pdf (Roman Breviary)

The Anglican Breviary · 4M ago

Sunday Matins & Lauds

IN THE FIRST NOCTURN In Advent, Antiphon. Behold. Throughout the year, Antiphon. Serve the Lord in fear. In Eastertide, Antiphon. Alleluia. Psalm 1 Beatus vir qui non abiit I BLESSED is the ...
The Anglican Breviary · 4M ago

Later Editions of Neale’s Breviary

As St. John Mason Neale died before he could complete his efforts at compiling a Breviary for the Order of St. Margaret, his friends continued his work using Neale’s notes. As they worked wi...