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The Autistic Me · 3W ago

Slowly Rebooting in 286 Mode

The lumbar radiculopathy, which sounds too much like "ridiculously" for me, hasn't faded completely. My left leg still cramps, tingles, and hurts with sharp pains. My mind remains cloudy, to...
The Autistic Me · 1M ago

Love (and Sex): Blog Topics People Want

Visitors have asked why the blog doesn't deal more with personal issues like romance, marriage, children. There's not much to "teach" other people. My advice to autistics is to stop trying t...
The Autistic Me · 1M ago

Keeping Sane and Tuning Out (a Bit)

A friend wrote that she feels more and more depressed each day, following news and politics on social media. My advice? Stop it. Getting away from social media can be the best thing for some...
The Autistic Me · 1M ago

Physical Therapy that Wasn't

Trying to reboot as 2017 begins, I attempted physical therapy for my pinched spinal nerve. The therapy appointment lasted only 30 minutes as I discovered the horror that is electrical stimul...
The Autistic Me · 2M ago

How it feels to be diagnosed with autism late in life - The Guardian

I was in my late 30s. I still don't know if the diagnosis helped. Maybe it helps others. More often, it simply frustrates me to be so tense and anxious all the time. I would like the world t...
The Autistic Me · 3M ago

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year... BUT

In a few ways, 2016 has been (with a nod to a great children's book) a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year for my wife and me. We have had medical issues, I have not had a full-time j...
The Autistic Me · 3M ago

My Jeep Friend

As September ended I was involved in what seemed to be a minor traffic accident. I was rear-ended while driving our 18-year-old Jeep Cherokee. Unfortunately, the accident was too much for th...
The Autistic Me · 3M ago

School, Work, Life

I realize my blogs (not only The Autistic Me) have been slow throughout 2016. Life has a way of consuming more hours than exist in the day. My "to-do" list exceeds any realistic amount of ti...
The Autistic Me · 6M ago

End of Summer, Start of School

It is again that season, the time of year many of us will always consider the "new year" instead of some date in Winter. Yes, back-to-school. For me, this is the end of a busy five-class sum...
The Autistic Me · 6M ago

Compliance / Social Skills / ABA / Indistinguishability

Worth a read…Compliance / Social Skills / ABA / Indistinguishability Resources | Parenting Autistic Children With Love & Acceptance