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The BackChannel Blog · 2W ago


Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort has been indicted.  Okay, lets face it, the guy always looks guilty.  Muller is gonna squeeze a guy who has no moral core.  He’s gonna squeal like a stuc...
The BackChannel Blog · 1M ago

Trump’s Katrina

The lack of aid to the people of Puerto Rico by the Trump administration is appalling.  Could it be that there are brown-skinned people there? That they speak Spanish?  Could it be that this...
The BackChannel Blog · 2M ago

Houston We Have a Problem

  All our thoughts are with the people impacted by hurricane Harvey.  However the irony is not lost on how a city that has heavy petroleum interests is devastated by an event that may be the...
The BackChannel Blog · 4M ago

Brian G. Arens 1959 – 2017

  Our pal is gone.  The crusty curmudgeon is silent.  We’re all gonna miss him.
The BackChannel Blog · 4M ago

Repeal and Replace!

  . McConnell and the Republican Senators choked.  They couldn’t get it together before the July 4th break.  Now they get to hear what their constituents think of their plan.  But all this e...
The BackChannel Blog · 5M ago

Au Revoir Paris

    Trump’s decision to drop out of the Paris Climate Agreement was to put it lightly, astonishingly stupid.  Even for him.    There are a number of reasons it’s stupid. First is the obvious...
The BackChannel Blog · 5M ago

Trump’s Budget

Trump’s budget is basically: screw the poor, give to the rich.  OMB director Mick Mulvaney claims that we need to show compassion to people who pay for things like Medicaid, SNAP, food stamp...
The BackChannel Blog · 6M ago

The First 100 Days

Whew! 100 days.  Seems like a 1,000.  After having the largest crowd ever for the inauguration, now he’s gotten the most done in the first 100 days ever.  Even though he doesn’t think the fi...
The BackChannel Blog · 8M ago

Repeal and Replace!

Finally!  For eight years the Republicans have been trying to destroy Obama’s signature accomplishment.  During that time they weren’t busy coming up with their own comprehensive plan.  They...
The BackChannel Blog · 9M ago

Fake News?

It’s documented that fake news helped Trump win the presidency.  Now Trump and his supporters are calling anything reported that is not flattering “fake news.”  It’s become a regular part of...