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The BackChannel Blog · 3W ago

Repeal and Replace!

Finally!  For eight years the Republicans have been trying to destroy Obama’s signature accomplishment.  During that time they weren’t busy coming up with their own comprehensive plan.  They...
The BackChannel Blog · 1M ago

Fake News?

It’s documented that fake news helped Trump win the presidency.  Now Trump and his supporters are calling anything reported that is not flattering “fake news.”  It’s become a regular part of...
The BackChannel Blog · 1M ago

Groundhog Day 2017

No surprise that Trump would appoint a far right, activist jurist like Neil Gorsuch.  The guy loves to legislate from the bench.  This is no surprise.  His mother was Anne Gorsuch.  Most rem...
The BackChannel Blog · 2M ago


  Many words have been said to describe this new regime.  Authoritarian.  Totalitarian.  Fascism.  An oligarchy.  A Fifth Columnist.  The Fourth Reich.  All are apropos.  Add to that a kakis...
The BackChannel Blog · 2M ago

Martin Luther King Day 2017

It’s ironic that on  this MLK Day, with the departure of the first African-American president we are about to witness the inauguration of a man guilty of violating discrimination laws.  It’s...
The BackChannel Blog · 2M ago

Make America Sick Again

The second thing the Republican house decided to do was to “repeal and replace” Obamacare.  They don’t have a clue what they’ll replace it with despite the fact that they’ve had eight years ...
The BackChannel Blog · 3M ago

Feliz Januca, Feliz Navidad y Feliz Ano Nuevo

  Happy Holidays one and all.
The BackChannel Blog · 3M ago


During the presidential campaign Trump constantly screamed to his crowds that the election was rigged.  The conventional wisdom was that he was saying this as he knew he was going to lose an...
The BackChannel Blog · 3M ago

Carrier = Corporate Welfare

So the Donald has worked out a deal with Carrier not to move 2,000 jobs to Mexico.  With this deal only 1,000 jobs are leaving.  Not a good deal.  During the campaign Trump threatened to sla...
The BackChannel Blog · 4M ago

Faithless Electors

The real election wasn’t on November 8th.  It’s on December 19th when the Electors meet to cast their vote.  The Electoral College came about because back in the day communication was slow. ...