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Memories of Squeeze

Remember this one?
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Can't Get it Out of My Head

Classic ... basement recording:
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Crisis Communication

Oh boy."Bad news doesn't age well," said the chairman of PwC on the day after the 2017 Academy Awards:Here was the advance PR video:The steps thus far:1. Owned it.2. Owned it right away (and...
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A Final Q&A ...

Here's the Answer provided:"You know, every parent brags on their daughters or their sons. You know, if your mom and dad don’t brag on you, you know you got problems ...But man, my daughters...
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End of the World, REM Style

No words needed;
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Tell me something good?Name your fave (TV sports personality)? #NHL #NBA #ESPN #CollegeGameDay #NBAonTNT #NHLonNBC— DigitalSportsDesk (@DigSportsDesk) December 15, 2016
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Yep.  Guilty as charged.Just Do It
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How to Make an Ass of a Former Political Opponent?

Goal: To Make an ass of a former political opponentTactic: Call his ass in to your transition team HQ and leak it to (the "dishonest") media you use like an orchestra conductor that said opp...
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The SBA ...

I honestly thought it was a blurb from The Onion ... but, it's not. It's true!Honored to be appointed by President-Elect @realDonaldTrump to serve as head of @SBAgov advocating for our small...
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Dear Don ...

Dear Donald:Greetings from the Commonwealth and also from the Island of Manhattan, the place you trekked into as one of the bridge and tunnel crew from your Daddy’s place in Queens. Those tw...