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The Book Rat · 5d ago

Lunch Chat: TESS OF THE ROAD by Rachel Hartman!

In which I eat some Chicken Tortilla Soup (so good!) and talk about TESS OF THE ROAD (also good!) and reader impatience. Let me know your thoughts -- and your lunch -- in the comments!And sorry in advance for your misophonia. ;)Also, how f*cking fant...
The Book Rat · 1W ago

Spoiler-filled Discussion: I Stop Somewhere by T.E. Carter and rape culture

FAIR WARNING: there are lots of spoilers (and feels) in this video. You can avoid most of that by only watching to the 4:08 mark, but after that, all bets are off. Further discussion of the book and elements related follows the video, and is likely t...
The Book Rat · 1W ago

Keeping Your Reading Resolutions

Here are some top tips for how to boost your reading and hit your resolution reading goals for 2018, from a girl who reads more when she takes her own advice... Join me for the 30 Day Book B...
The Book Rat · 1W ago

#30DayBookBinge round 3!

Hey! This is really late notice, due to the fact that my BLOG WAS DOWN FOR OVER A WEEK, TH...
The Book Rat · 1W ago

BEST & WORST READS OF 2017 | Book Chat

I read some things last year. Some were good, some not so much, and lots were only so-so. Collected here for your ease and edification (lulz) are the ones I recommend -- and the ones I reall...
The Book Rat · 1M ago

Viewer's Choice: NEW & UPCOMING BOOKS | #StackofFive

Enjoy the crappy lighting and the fact that I'm mostly slightly blurry throughout the video. I'M SUPER PROFESH GUYS.Anyway, le books are below. Vote in the comments for which ONE you want me...
The Book Rat · 2M ago


So. Many. Books! Check below for book list and links πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡Let me know what videos you'd like to see, whether with these books or with or about any others!THE BOOKS:
The Book Rat · 2M ago

THE BEST OF THE WORST -- My Favorite VILLAINS | Renegades Blog Tour

If you followed along with me last month for #30DayBookBinge, you'll know that I spent a g...
The Book Rat · 2M ago


I've never made a secret of the fact that I LOVE Halloween. Every little last thing about ...
The Book Rat · 3M ago

OCTOBER #30DayBookBinge | vlog the first

Heyyy. Enjoy this much-belated and probably-too-long vlog for the first week of the 2nd 30 Day Book Binge! And pray for me that I'll somehow be able to keep up with this endless editing and ...