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The Boomer Brief · 1d ago

Reduced-Sugar Pineapple-Coconut Chess Pie

Bob's been battling bruises. He mashed his hand really good while moving our dryer (ouch!). So like a good little wife, I googled natural ways to help heal his hurts....
The Boomer Brief · 1d ago

4 Facebook Video Recipes that are Worth Trying

By now you've probably seen the Facebook cooking videos that feature disembodied hands cooking a simple recipe in double-time. Have you dared try any of these recipes yet? If you've ever att...
The Boomer Brief · 5d ago

Thanks for pointing out the obvious

The Boomer Brief · 1W ago

Trust us, we're really good at this stuff

The Boomer Brief · 2W ago

Grace & Frankie

In the mood for a quirky comedy? Netflix' favorite female odd couple, Grace & Frankie, returns to the streaming service March 24th. For those of you who haven't discovered the quirky Jane Fo...
The Boomer Brief · 2W ago

Ava Joy's Lemon Streusel Coffee Cake

By Patty Pinner, author Sweet Mornings Photo © Peter McCullough, courtesy of Agate Publishing Ava Joy Malone was a quintessential neighborhood beauty. She had beautiful bone structure, perfe...
The Boomer Brief · 2W ago

A semi-breech delivery

The Boomer Brief · 2W ago

Gulf Shores Getaway

Sugar white sand and tourquoise water await you in Gulf Shores, Alabama If you're looking for somewhere to relax this summer. I mean reallllly relax, look no further than Gulf Shores, Alabam...
The Boomer Brief · 2W ago

IT Cosmetics New Confidence in a Compact

Some beauty bloggers try any and everything. But I'm pretty picky about what I test, especially if I'll be putting it on my face. Unfortunately, I'm on the sensitive side and making a wrong ...
The Boomer Brief · 3W ago

He had 'em eating right out of his hands