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the Burrow · 1d ago

A Simple Solution

Our gym has been under-going a refurbishment.  It's been closed for several weeks; we've been Wandering Jews, working out at the chains' other locations, running into familiar faces in stran...
the Burrow · 1d ago

Happy Birthday, Brother!

He's younger than I am.... a fact he delights in sharing.  He's still not Medicare eligible, so I worry about his GERD diagnosis and continuing health care and pre-existing conditions as I t...
the Burrow · 1d ago

How Do You Pronounce It?

My kids have been teasing me about this for years. I pronounce Donkey to rhyme with Monkey; they both have short-U sound.This is an endless source of amusement for my children,  They pronoun...
the Burrow · 4d ago

She's Moving

We met when I was coming out of hibernation.  My only job was to heal, and so I lay on Douglas, the couch, for 14 weeks, watching the sun move across the horizon as the days and months passe...
the Burrow · 5d ago

Civic Engagement

The rent-a-cop took our picture in the courtyard outside Senator Flake's Tucson office.  I'm certain that I would outrun him in a race to shelter, but it was nice of the organizers to consid...
the Burrow · 1W ago

Thanks for Asking

My email, my Facebook, my phones (both land line and cell), the cashier at the grocery store and classmates in Romantic Composers...... every one wanted to know how I was doing.I appreciated...
the Burrow · 1W ago

In The End....

... it all comes down to guns.Big Cuter called from San Francisco as we walked in the door.  "Just wanted you to know that I wasn't at the UPS facility today.... though I was on my way to th...
the Burrow · 1W ago

And Once Again

I am incapable of coherent thought. I am consumed by love.
the Burrow · 1W ago

Distracted By Love and Unable to Blog

the Burrow · 1W ago

Commissioning the USS Gabrielle Giffords

Little Cuter and I went to Galveston this weekend to celebrate the commissioning of the Navy's newest warship, the USS Gabrielle Giffords. This is a big, impressive vessel  and the weeke...