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the Burrow · 21h ago

Tucson Festival of Books

Saturday morning, an hour before the first session of the first day of the TFOB, I was comfortably ensconced in the front row, feeling somewhat lonely.Forty five minutes later, I was feeling...
the Burrow · 3d ago

An Antidote to the Pain

John Oliver is right.  We all need some Brazilian Zebras to brighten our days.What, you wonder (if you didn't watch Sunday's edition of Last Week Tonight), am I talking about? Since 2005, th...
the Burrow · 4d ago

Too Little, Too Late

Sprawled on Douglas, drinking bottle after bottle of water to counter the altitude headache returning home sends my way, looking at pictures of SIR and Little Cuter and FlapJillly on my phon...
the Burrow · 5d ago

Travel Day

Bye-Bye Babies.... parental units and offspring.Bye-Bye Trolls and dance parties and giggles and hugs.Bye-Bye cloudy skies and stomping on snow and walking Thomas the Wonder Dog.It never get...
the Burrow · 1W ago

Hanging Out on St. Patrick's Day

More serious musings next week. For now, I'm salving my heart with smiles like these. 
the Burrow · 1W ago

It Is Hard To Fathom

(Apologies for the late posting; having grandbaby funis quite distracting!)*****During nap time yesterday, TBG and I watched the news.  We've been on a diet of Trolls and Jeopardy while visi...
the Burrow · 1W ago

Having Too Much Fun

The day just slipped by
the Burrow · 1W ago

TFOB Footwear

The shoes told the story.The Arizona Star reporter wore her work-a-day cowbootsas she sat on the high stool, interviewing the author.The author, shiny shoes on the left,came to town from New...
the Burrow · 2W ago

Walking With an Angel

I was peeved.  After a lovely morning at home, I'd donned sneakers and a loose t-shirt, organized a water bottle, downloaded a podcast, and drove over to Christina-Taylor's path.  After walk...
the Burrow · 2W ago


Little Cuter asked me to the fact that the second half of my post today remains unpublished.  That's a shame, because it's a feel good story, and she's at the center of it. So. I've taken do...