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The Cranky Old MAN · 16h ago

Stupid Headlines 092417

Stupid Headlines 092417It’s time again forSTUPID HEADLINE SUNDAYThis week’s stupid headlin...
The Cranky Old MAN · 1d ago

Taxes and Incentive

Taxes and IncentiveA cranky opinion forCRANKY OPINION SATURDAYThe following is the opinion of a cranky old man with no expertise on the topic opined.  Opposing opinions are welcome, but they...
The Cranky Old MAN · 2d ago

Happy Anniversary ATM

Happy Anniversary ATMApparently, the ATM machine recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.  It first appeared in 1967 in London England, so I don’t remember those early machines.  I remember...
The Cranky Old MAN · 3d ago

Why Post?

Why Post?Gotta post, gotta post, gotta nothing…DAMN!Why do I feel I need to post something?  Do I have to post every day? No…and yet I must, it is a compulsive thing.  I must post something,...
The Cranky Old MAN · 4d ago


RantTuna’s rant at AFSarges site my own rant.License plate defacing....
The Cranky Old MAN · 5d ago

Misplaced Guilt

Misplaced GuiltHere is my regular morning routine, not that you care, but it sets up this post.  Awake at 8:00 AM.  Watch “Leave it to Beaver” reruns.Make breakfast and coffee downstairs whi...
The Cranky Old MAN · 6d ago


SPLITTING FIREWOODThis Cranky re-run is  from September 2014Several years ago, when Spencer was about seven…(holy Hannah, he just got his drivers license so it was more than several years ag...
The Cranky Old MAN · 1w ago

Stupid Headlines 091717

Stupid Headlines 091717It’s time again forHow do you plead? SCARED SHITLESS!STUPID HEADLINE SUNDAYThis week’s stupid headlines and my stupider, sometimes sophomoric comments. 
The Cranky Old MAN · 1W ago

SEPTEMBER 12 - 11:40

SEPTEMBER 12 - 11:409/12/17 11:40, a time that will live in infamy in the Cranky home.  There was a first and probably a last event on this date at this time.  It will forever be etched in m...
The Cranky Old MAN · 1W ago

Watching a Movie Backwards

Watching a Movie BackwardsThe other night Mrs. C and I were watching the Lifetime movie network.  This channel specializes in crappy movies with plot lines that somehow suck you into watchin...