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The Cranky Old MAN · 22h ago


THE SECRET TO SUCCESS a cranky re-run from May 2013 People often ask me, “Cranky, what is the secret to success in the business world?”  As one who spent 40 years toiling for a large brokera...
The Cranky Old MAN · 5d ago


THE CURIO CABINETOnce again, when I find myself running out of stuff to post on, another blogger gives me an idea.  For this post give credit (or blame) to Sarah @People Don’t Eat Enough Fudge
The Cranky Old MAN · 6d ago

A Veteran’s Tricks

A Veteran’s TricksApparently I am a veteran.   No, not a Veteran, as in served my country in the armed forces.  I am a veteran as in one who has long term experience in a particular field.  ...
The Cranky Old MAN · 1w ago

Not MY Pillow

Not MY PillowIn this country we have way too much time on our hands.  The things we find to complain about or feel cheated about, boggles the mind.  The latest is a big hoo-ha over claims by...
The Cranky Old MAN · 1W ago


WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO PICK THAT UP?This cranky re-run is from May 2013The other day I was in the kitchen with Mrs. Cranky.  Now keep in mind, I do my share of work around the Cranky house.  ...
The Cranky Old MAN · 1W ago


STUPID HEADLINES 051417It’s time again forSTUPID HEADLINE SUNDAYThis week’s stupid headlines and my stupider, sometimes sophomoric comments. ______________________Family dog wakes up owners ...
The Cranky Old MAN · 1W ago

Nail Polish Driving is Buzzed Driving

Nail Polish Driving is Buzzed DrivingDo women still do their own nails?  It seems like everywhere I go  there are multiple nail salons.  None of my wives ever did their own nails.  Apparentl...
The Cranky Old MAN · 1W ago


HugsMrs. C and I very seldom say the three words.  I’ve told her, she’s told me, we know.  It is not a big deal, it is just how we roll.  We touch a lot and are affectionate even when we bic...
The Cranky Old MAN · 1W ago

The Change for a Five Look, Delay and Dip

The Change for a Five Look, Delay and DipPracticing "The Look."I commuted from New Jersey to New York City for most of forty years. There are a few things you have to learn to survive commut...
The Cranky Old MAN · 2W ago


MothballsThe cranky old man who writes this blog often complains a lot.  He complains about his dessert hiding wife, he complains about TV low talkers, he complains about women in the superm...