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The Dog Journal · 1d ago

Fidget Spinner Outs Me

I like to think I have each of my grown children figured out and properly categorized: The wise, contemplative oldest. The never-knew-a-stranger sales guy in the middle. The sensitive, empat...
The Dog Journal · 1M ago

Bunion Surgery Squelches Errand-Running High

Everybody’s good at something. My personal best is jamming a dozen errands into an eight-hour day.
The Dog Journal · 1M ago

Spring Springs Fix-Up Rampage

It doesn’t take much. When I was 12, a new decal from the five and dime set me off. I charged into a cleaning, fix-it spree that turned my bedroom upside down and inside out with closet-clea...
The Dog Journal · 2M ago

Hard To Compete With Shimmer and Shine

I’m the first to admit that I’ve been a purist when it comes to young grandkids and their electronic devices. When the 3-year-old paid more attention to the Shimmer and Shine game on his iP...
The Dog Journal · 3M ago

Costa Rica: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

I hate to admit it, but I’m one of those people with a ready-fire answer to the question “What could possibly go wrong?” Weather unseasonably warm? There’s a storm on the way. Car won’t st...
The Dog Journal · 4M ago

“Greiging” of House Well-Timed

As someone who writes a lot about stress relief, I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve missed a silent stress reliever that’s been coloring the interior lives of Americans everywhere. It’s subtle,...
The Dog Journal · 5M ago

Music! Music! Music!

At a time when the world feels increasingly polarized, finding happy sanctuaries is important. Thanks to the recommendation of a Lyft driver, I bumped into one this month visiting my son in ...
The Dog Journal · 5M ago

Total Immersion: The Ticket for 2017

Happy January! With a clean slate ahead, the strategist in me can barely contain herself. What if I read a book a week? What if I did something every day that I’d never done before? What i...
The Dog Journal · 6M ago

Full Catastrophe Living: The Non-Zen Version

I have long been able to pole vault from a peaceful present moment into the stressful prospect of future catastrophes. It is a talent. An odd sort of blessing, which I’ve long justified. Af...
The Dog Journal · 7M ago

Trudging Through Grief? Redecorate!

I don’t pretend to know everything about widowhood, but after more experience than I’d like, I thought I had figured out one thing: All widows redecorate. “It’s universal,” I announced to a...