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The Dog Journal · 1W ago

Go Directly To Jail In This Workout Game

It was just four months ago that I woke up to the New Year’s challenge and vowed to get my mojo back at the gym. Driven by a vision of a svelte body, Michelle Obama arms and the Ruth Bader ...
The Dog Journal · 1M ago

Visiting Grown Kids? Here’s Magic Bullet

Visiting adult children across the country, I’m always trying to figure out the perfect formula. How much time is too long? Too short? What’s the best Where? And the best What?
The Dog Journal · 2M ago

Flu Worries Take Center Stage

Until last month, I mostly worried about earthquakes, tsunamis and getting nuked by North Korea. They were splendid prompts for worry since they fall in my specialty area - things I can’t co...
The Dog Journal · 3M ago

RBG Workout Really Is

When January hit, I was feeling pretty self-righteous about my workout routine at the gym. “No New Year’s guilt trips for me!” I said. That was before I received a Christmas gift from my...
The Dog Journal · 4M ago

What’s Happening? Ask The Christmas Tree

As I extracted my pre-lit Christmas tree section by section from its overstuffed bag in the garage and dragged each piece into the living room, I had an epiphany of the non-religious kind. ...
The Dog Journal · 5M ago

Fashionista Training Wasted On Me

Briefly as a teenager, I lived in Texas. You would have thought that my time there, during the years most girls learn to shop and apply makeup, would have changed me for the better. I would ...
The Dog Journal · 5M ago

Info Overload? Take Good Notes

These days, it feels like random jewels of information are flying at me from all directions - on Facebook, TV, over lunch, in an elevator and always during those “find a buddy and walk” excu...
The Dog Journal · 7M ago

Echo Arrives Out Of -Uh- Necessity

Thanks to my Depression-era mom, I run every purchase through the same drill. Do I really need this? Or do I just want it? I can’t say it’s saved me a ton of money, but it sure has made me ...
The Dog Journal · 8M ago

Multiple Marriages Bring Multiple Perspectives

I couldn’t resist. After writing a (pretty bad) poem that spoofed the elaborate strategies for perfect eclipse viewing, I am myself headed to a spot two hours south of Portland, Oregon along...
The Dog Journal · 9M ago

Family History Buff? Try Pocket Edition

When you’re grounded with foot surgery, what could be better than a compulsive genealogy project? Chocolate, probably. Or binge-watching The Crown. Or ordering Pad Thai online. But I’m hap...