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The Dog Journal · 2W ago

Costa Rica: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

I hate to admit it, but I’m one of those people with a ready-fire answer to the question “What could possibly go wrong?” Weather unseasonably warm? There’s a storm on the way. Car won’t st...
The Dog Journal · 1M ago

“Greiging” of House Well-Timed

As someone who writes a lot about stress relief, I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve missed a silent stress reliever that’s been coloring the interior lives of Americans everywhere. It’s subtle,...
The Dog Journal · 2M ago

Music! Music! Music!

At a time when the world feels increasingly polarized, finding happy sanctuaries is important. Thanks to the recommendation of a Lyft driver, I bumped into one this month visiting my son in ...
The Dog Journal · 2M ago

Total Immersion: The Ticket for 2017

Happy January! With a clean slate ahead, the strategist in me can barely contain herself. What if I read a book a week? What if I did something every day that I’d never done before? What i...
The Dog Journal · 3M ago

Full Catastrophe Living: The Non-Zen Version

I have long been able to pole vault from a peaceful present moment into the stressful prospect of future catastrophes. It is a talent. An odd sort of blessing, which I’ve long justified. Af...
The Dog Journal · 3M ago

Trudging Through Grief? Redecorate!

I don’t pretend to know everything about widowhood, but after more experience than I’d like, I thought I had figured out one thing: All widows redecorate. “It’s universal,” I announced to a...
The Dog Journal · 5M ago

A Renaissance Man Is Hard To Lose

In September 2014, I wrote in this space that life was not only a balancing act but sometimes a roller coaster ride. At the time, I reported that my husband Bill Hurley and I had fast-forwar...
The Dog Journal · 7M ago

Back-To-School Specials Spark Rant

I’ll admit it. I never saw a flow chart I didn’t like. I love counting backwards, figuring when I have to leave to get there by then. Planning, planning, planning. So why – already in Augus...
The Dog Journal · 7M ago

In Defense of a Deviled Egg Carrier

Nature abhors a vacuum. That must be why, weeks after clearing the kitchen cabinets of clutter, I felt a sudden urge to jump in the car in an obsessive search for a deviled egg carrier.
The Dog Journal · 8M ago

Let’s Play

The Spiderman cake was nice, and so were the piles of presents. But the real excitement at my grandson’s third birthday party centered around “the show.” “We’ll be up here, and you’ll be out...