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The Dunamis Word · 5d ago

Regarding The Legalization Of The Casual Use Of Marijuana

Our local news recently ran quite a few articles regarding the administration of Illinois'...
The Dunamis Word · 1w ago

Pastor Burnett On Twitter

Please join me on Twitter. Of course, the message I deliver is not popular with the social elite of the day, nor is it complimentary of the moral relativism that many of our communities have...
The Dunamis Word · 1w ago

Black Conservative Leadership Summit June 15-17, 2017

As I have stated before, the term "Black Conservative" is nearly an anomaly. Especially in light of the leadership of one of the most liberal Black leaders that history has ever seen in the ...
The Dunamis Word · 1W ago

A NEW Supreme Court Justice

Judge Neil Gorsuch takes the oath to become the 113th Justice of the Supreme Court— CNN (@CNN) April 10, 2017
The Dunamis Word · 2M ago

New VISION New DAY Campaign Peoria Township Supervisor

Prov. 29:18(a) ~ "Where there is no VISION, the people perish." Residents of Peoria, Illinois, it is a New DAY and we have a New VISION for this time. Please join me in this campaign for Peo...
The Dunamis Word · 2M ago

Omarosa Bakes Behar & Her Supporters Pointing The View In The Right Direction

Loved this and loved Omarosa's responses and no fear to go into the cauldron of what I consider to be the most intolerant and least insightful critic in the world at times.The praise for the...
The Dunamis Word · 2M ago

Education. Will Choice Be A Better Choice For All?

How will our children be educated in America? Will tax dollars continue to go to union members? Or will tax dollars actually be used to support the in class education of our children? I draw...
The Dunamis Word · 3M ago

Harvey Burnett's New VISION New DAY Campaign (First 90 Days)

For all of my readers of the Dunamis Word, one thing that has taken much of my time lately...
The Dunamis Word · 3M ago

Islam, Submission With No Peace Pt. 16: CAIR Calls Franklin Graham "Un-American"

It HAS to be Friday the 13th to read and hear about this story. It all begins with partici...
The Dunamis Word · 3M ago

Happy New Year...Kim Burrell & Ye Shall KNOW The Truth!!!

Well, Happy New Year readers of The Dunamis Word. I trust that God blessed and is blessing...