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Pimp my ramen

 Different kinds of ramen Ramen +: A selection of fresh ingredients from my fridge includi... · 1W ago

Poutine cheese curds, the search and the recipe for Canada's comfort food

A year ago I visited Canada, discovered how maple syrup was extracted from trees and ate p... · 2W ago

An artist's hotel in Valladolid, Yucatan and a recipe for pumpkin seed dip (green recado)

Valladolid is a small quiet colonial town in the interior of the Yucatan peninsula of Mexi... · 3W ago

5 recipes from my Flavorking plum supper club

Prosecco with plum syrup~Plum-cured cold smoked salmon canapés~Mushroom and tofu gyoza wit... · 3W ago

My Sugar Shack supper club recipes: pea soup, maple syrup vinaigrette, pouding chômeur, Nanaimo bars, maple taffy on snow

My supper club last weekend was inspired by my trip to Canada last year, where I discovered the Canadian spring tradition of a sugar shack meal.After a lengthy -50°C winter, come February and March, families leave town to visit their local maple farm... · 1M ago

Hearty dishes for Valentines Day

If you are alone this Valentine's Day, as I will be (sob), February 14th can feel like a s... · 1M ago

Tulum and Hartwood

There was a part of me that, despite its blinding beauty, hated Tulum. Everybody there was... · 1M ago

Parsley Power 2: Tabbouleh

When I was asked to write recipes featuring flat leaf parsley, I thought of the most parsleyish dish of all: tabbouleh.Tabbouleh is often thought of as a bulgur wheat salad, but it's more pr... · 1M ago

Parsley power: salsa verde recipe (with sea bass and potatoes)

One of the most transformational things you can do to improve your cooking is to use fresh... · 1M ago

Roasted Brussels sprouts on a stem recipe

Sweet and only mildly sulphurous, my adult palate rather enjoys Brussels sprouts. I'm alwa...