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The Foster Circus · 5M ago


She's the caboose. When she arrived we had this calming knowledge that everyone had finally shown up. I knew she was the tail end. So I held her longer, smelled her fresh baby skin and kis...
The Foster Circus · 6M ago

So, She Needed A New Bed

The Foster Circus · 8M ago

She's 20

It happens every year. On each birthday, I remember the very beginning. How she came into the world and we started life together. How she was the first to make me a mother. I remember that d...
The Foster Circus · 8M ago

The First Week 2016

That first day is always an eye-opener for me. Have I prepared them for this moment? Do they leave this house every morning know they are loved beyond even Heaven? Do they know, really know,...
The Foster Circus · 9M ago

Float The River

The whisper in the wind is "You're not a real Texan until you've floated the river." I've lived here 9 years and I had no idea there was a river to float. This summer, we took the challenge....
The Foster Circus · 9M ago

Sisters Day 2016

Years ago we created our own tradition. Sisters Day. We've been celebrating this day so long, I can't remember when we even started. Here they are on Sisters Day in 2008:Wow, time is a funny...
The Foster Circus · 9M ago

But A Moment

I met them outside with one simple request. "Take a picture with me."The moaned and complained, but still smiled.They truly are my joy.I want to hold them forever.
The Foster Circus · 10M ago

How We 4th

3 girls in 3 different places for Independence Day.Girl #1 with her companions in the mission field:Girl #2 at home with her boring parents:Girl #3 staying with a friend. I haven't seen her ...
The Foster Circus · 11M ago

And Just Like That, She's 17

I laid in the dark early this morning. Remembering. How she came into the world and into my heart. It was a short labor for a beautiful baby girl. She came out looking exactly like the siste...
The Foster Circus · 12M ago

Yesterday and Today

My brain lately feels hardwired to look back. Into different days than these. I've tricked myself into thinking it was easier then. I know it wasn't, but I'm telling myself it was. Deep in m...