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The Friendly Atheist · 10h ago

IL Grade School Promotes Creationism at Event Run by District Leader’s Church

Kids should not be taught that the Flintstones was a documentary.
The Friendly Atheist · 10h ago

Man Who Vandalized Buddhist Monastery Says God Sent Him to Destroy “False Idols”

God's followers are full of bad ideas.
The Friendly Atheist · 10h ago

Head of Christian College: When You See LGBTQ, “Replace Those Letters With ISIS”

If a student made this comparison at a real college, he would fail.
The Friendly Atheist · 10h ago

Memphis Pastor Andy Savage, Who Assaulted Teen Girl, Finally Resigns from Church

Andy Savage received a standing ovation from his congregation for saying he "sinned" in the past, never telling them the details of how he sexually assaulted a teen girl. He's finally resig...
The Friendly Atheist · 10h ago

Satanists Create Alternative “Chick Tracts” Promoting Church/State Separation

Can someone send one of these to Arkansas State Sen. Jason Rapert?
The Friendly Atheist · 10h ago

Her Dogs Died in a House Fire, But At Least Her Leather-Bound Bible Is Okay!

If my house ever burns down, the bibles can go, but I'd like to keep everything else.
The Friendly Atheist · 10h ago

This Video Makes a Convincing Case for Why You Should Be an Atheist

Instead of waiting for an afterlife that likely doesn't exist, make the most of the life you're lucky to have.
The Friendly Atheist · 20h ago

Teacher Charged With Abuse After Stomping on Foot of Child Who Didn’t See Jesus

This happened in Florida. Because of course it did.
The Friendly Atheist · 20h ago

Christian Author: Atheists Are the Most “Ignorant and Dangerous People on Earth”

Anthony DeStefano's new anti-atheist book contains a lot of whining but no substance.
The Friendly Atheist · 1d ago

This Pro-Muslim Video Attempts (and Fails) to Show Why Atheists Can’t Be Trusted

If you want to show atheists can't be trusted, this isn't the way to do it.