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The Friendly Atheist · 1h ago

These Were the Best Signs from the #MarchForScience

Will the #MarchForScience change anything in Washington? Who knows.But at least we'll alwa...
The Friendly Atheist · 11h ago

Another MI Doctor Arrested, Along With His Wife, for Assisting With Female Genital Mutilation

There can be no religious or cultural exemption for this. The parents had no right to phys...
The Friendly Atheist · 11h ago

Kids Told An Artist How To Draw God (But They All Got It Wrong)

What happens when you ask children to describe what God looks like? Much like religion, yo...
The Friendly Atheist · 11h ago

San Antonio Mayor: Poverty Is Caused By “Broken People” Who Don’t Believe in God

What's the deepest systemic cause of generational poverty? There's no simple answer to tha...
The Friendly Atheist · 21h ago

Ray Comfort Wrote a Book About His Infamous Banana Video

The book's not out until September 1, but Ray Comfort sent me an advance copy of Banana Ma...
The Friendly Atheist · 21h ago

They Could Also Call This the “Joel Osteen Rule”

I want you to think about this cartoon every time you hear a prosperity gospel preacher tell his audience that they, too, can be successful if they just do what he says.
The Friendly Atheist · 1d ago

Woman Files Lawsuit Claiming Company Fired Her For Not Being Christian Enough

It's hard to imagine all of these things happened for other reasons not related to the fai...
The Friendly Atheist · 1d ago

Teaching a Bible Class at a Public School? Then Don’t Brag About Proselytizing to Students

There's a difference between treating the Bible as literature and teaching it as the Word ...
The Friendly Atheist · 1d ago

Intelligent Design Advocates Are Angry They’re Not “Partners” in the March For Science

Groups that work to dismantle science education are the problem, not the solution. The Dis...
The Friendly Atheist · 1d ago

After Southern Maryland Libraries Caved To Public Pressure, a Teen-Focused Sex Ed Class Is Back On

It's appalling that some parents would rather keep their kids in the dark about such an im...