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The Friendly Atheist · 2h ago

On SNL, “Neil deGrasse Tyson” Explains His Plans for an Orgasmic Solar Eclipse

But really, who isn't taking off all their clothes during the solar eclipse?
The Friendly Atheist · 13h ago

Ken Ham: If People Don’t Believe Genesis, They Won’t Trust the Rest of the Bible

This is what atheists have been saying for years.
The Friendly Atheist · 13h ago

Women in Lebanon Are No Longer Forced To Marry Their Rapists

The Lebanese Republic has, in 2017, finally repealed a law that allowed alleged rapists to...
The Friendly Atheist · 13h ago

Thousands of Religious Leaders Want Congress To Protect the Johnson Amendment

Repealing the Johnson Amendment would be a disaster for religion, turning many churches in...
The Friendly Atheist · 23h ago

Malaysian Police Official: Atheists Have To Stop Causing Anxiety Among Muslims

Malaysia's Inspector-General of Police issued the warning after a picture of atheists simp...
The Friendly Atheist · 23h ago

Catholics Priests Have Fathered Countless Children, Only To Abandon Them

The stories are heartbreaking, in part because some of the priests have children only to w...
The Friendly Atheist · 23h ago

Every Single State Constitution Includes At Least One Reference to God

How many states make references to God (or variations of that word) in their constitutions...
The Friendly Atheist · 23h ago

The Atlanta Falcons’ New Stadium Has a Chick-fil-A… That’s Closed on Sundays

The headlines are entertaining, but the restaurant's inclusion in the stadium still makes ...
The Friendly Atheist · 1d ago

Atheists Sponsor Charity Food Drive During St. Paul Saints Baseball Game

It's heartwarming to see a minor league baseball team accommodate local atheists like this.
The Friendly Atheist · 1d ago

CEOs Are Abandoning Donald Trump, But His Evangelical Advisors Are Staying Put

When corporations and CEOs represent the moral high ground over evangelical Christians, yo...