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The Gab of Gratitude · 10M ago

101 Things I Appreciate from 2016

Inspired by Jeannette Maw’s post on 99 Ways 2016 Rocked It, and from my first ebook written years ago, 101 Ways to Uplift Your Spirit and of Those Around You, plus the fact that I’ve been qu...
The Gab of Gratitude · 1Y ago

I Appreciate My Freedom of Choice

Today is Independence Day in my country and I’m reminded that “freedom” means so many things to many people.  I do appreciate that I live in a country where the ideals of freedom are engrain...
The Gab of Gratitude · 1Y ago

I Appreciate Websites That Work

I appreciate websites that work! I’ve had my main website off-line for some months and got some help from my host a few weeks back but some items are still not working.  My pages (albeit 1) ...
The Gab of Gratitude · 1Y ago

I Appreciate Different Cultures

I just returned from a business trip to Vietnam and did a stopover in Dubai on the way home. The photo I took of myself was from the desert safari I took while out in the Arabian Desert. I a...
The Gab of Gratitude · 1Y ago


<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> This is a post so I can claim my blog for Bloglovin’ posting!🙂
The Gab of Gratitude · 1Y ago

Let’s Celebrate The Lottery Winners

The Powerball lottery jackpot is expected to reach around 1.3 billion dollars this week, the highest in all the world’s history of lotteries. When you talk to people, there’s excitement in t...
The Gab of Gratitude · 1Y ago

To the Hawkeyes.

Originally posted on Joe to the World: I woke up this morning, still in disbelief. I checked Twitter, Facebook, ESPN; they all confirmed what I had hoped was merely a bad dream. The Hawkeye’...
The Gab of Gratitude · 1Y ago

Turn On Love

There’s been a lot of talk about love this week. With the Supreme Court decision legalizing same sex marriages in all 50 states, we’ve seen the hashtag #lovewins all over social media and th...
The Gab of Gratitude · 1Y ago

Starting My Morning

How do you start your morning? Do you begin with appreciation for another day, a prayer or are you still stressing out over the worries of the day before? Or maybe you’re one of those people...
The Gab of Gratitude · 1Y ago

Today’s Funnies!

I appreciate laughter and the joy it brings in my life and others. Laughter is so contagious, too, so it’s good to spread it around. One of my friends on Facebook shared this video of a pran...