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The Gardening Life · 3W ago

What to Do With Tulips When They're Done Blooming

The Gardening Life · 4W ago

Canadian Celebration Tulip

To honour Canada's 150 anniversary of confederation, the Canadian Celebration tulip was planted across the country.  This lovely white with red tulip resembles our Canadian flag.  It's a mid...
The Gardening Life · 1M ago

Spring 2017 Has Been a Blur of Activity

Hello all.  I've been a little MIA and I apologize.  It's been a bit hectic here and I'll let  you in on all the latest news.Weatherwise, spring didn't come in like a lion, so we've been for...
The Gardening Life · 2M ago

When and If Pruning of Your Hydrangeas is Necessary

The Gardening Life · 2M ago

Gardening Trends 2017 - Forest Bathing

The Gardening Life · 2M ago

Gardening Trends 2017 - Growing Food Indoors

The Gardening Life · 2M ago

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!  While some of you are enjoying a bright snow free day, enjoying the songs of robins (mom), we are just happy to see the sun shine though the ground is covered in snow...
The Gardening Life · 3M ago

House Plant Journal by Darryl Cheng

Today as I was perusing Facebook I came across a time lapse video made by Darryl Cheng of House Plant Journal.  Darryl has a few time lapse videos but the ones that are most sensational are ...
The Gardening Life · 3M ago

Full House Lottery #3 (The Greenwich)

If you prefer the rustic look of a loft but want a house, this is the home for you.  Not only do you have the rugged beauty of beams, open ceilings, brick facade; this home offers a private ...
The Gardening Life · 3M ago

Full House Lottery Dream Home #2 (Dog Owner's Dream) - The Princeton (Grand Prize 2)

Families with dogs will love to call this home!  This house features a doggie door, a dog bath station, and a designated feeding spot.  Not only that!  I think the builder was channeling the...