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The Gardening Life · 1d ago

House Plant Journal by Darryl Cheng

Today as I was perusing Facebook I came across a time lapse video made by Darryl Cheng of House Plant Journal.  Darryl has a few time lapse videos but the ones that are most sensational are ...
The Gardening Life · 3W ago

Full House Lottery #3 (The Greenwich)

If you prefer the rustic look of a loft but want a house, this is the home for you.  Not only do you have the rugged beauty of beams, open ceilings, brick facade; this home offers a private ...
The Gardening Life · 3W ago

Full House Lottery Dream Home #2 (Dog Owner's Dream) - The Princeton (Grand Prize 2)

Families with dogs will love to call this home!  This house features a doggie door, a dog bath station, and a designated feeding spot.  Not only that!  I think the builder was channeling the...
The Gardening Life · 3W ago

Full House Lottery Homes 2017 (#1) Grand Prize 1

Full House Lottery Homes invite you to imagine living in a home that you have only dreamt of.  Do you imagine your kids sliding downstairs to a ball pit? Perhaps you long to have your own ha...
The Gardening Life · 3W ago

It's Full House Lottery Time Again. Time for Some Knock Out Luxury Show Homes

Every year, late winter is Full House Lottery season.  The prizes consist of one of three luxury show homes as the grand prize, followed by cars, a kayak, dream vacation, a motorcycle and mo...
The Gardening Life · 3W ago

Spring Tease

Blooming at the greenhouse in February clockwise from top left:  irises, white hyacinth,  an almost ready orange on a tree and a citrus  (lemon or lime).
The Gardening Life · 3W ago

Indoor Garden at Greenland Garden Centre 2017

This year's garden was, for me, anti-climatic.  Sure it's fun to see a model train chugging through a village with live trees and shrubs in the landscaping but honestly I was a bit disappoin...
The Gardening Life · 2M ago


The Gardening Life · 2M ago

Bridal Fantasy 2017

Yesterday my daughter was stoked about Bridal Fantasy as we embarked on the traditional, the contemporary and the eclectic; the fashion, the floral and the food. Here is it - Bridal Fantasy ...
The Gardening Life · 2M ago

Fog and Hoar Frost

Today in Edmonton